Monday, March 21, 2016

March 2016 Gigs

19. Pappy, Swim Team The Tote 2/3/16

20. TotL Rumble The Tote 2/3/2016

21. Eaten by Dogs Labour in Vain 4/3/16

22. The Jesus and Mary Chain 170 6/3/16

23. Thee Gravy Train Four, The Pink Tiles old bar 8/3/16

24. The Mummies Luwow 8/3/16

25. Mesa Cosa and The Mummies Max Watts 9/3/16

26. Moonee Valley Drifters The Vic 12/3/2016

27. Built To Spill The Corner 12/3/16

28. The Buzzcocks, Ausmuteants, Pronto, The Corner 13/3/16

29. Moat, Swim Team, The Tote 16/3/16

30. Tankerville vs Spacejunk The Tote 16/3/16

31. Ladychoir, IQ, Pink Tiles, Brunswick Library, 18/3/2016

32. Ooga Boogas, Hierophants, Tom Ridgewells Constant Mongrel, The Tote, 18/3

33. Cable Ties, Swim Team, The Tote, 23/3/2016

34. Spiral Stairs, Endless Boogie, The Curtin, 24/3/2016

35. Girl Crazy, The Tropes, House Party, 26/3/2016

February 2016 Gigs

8.Taipan Tiger Girls, friendships, Mollusc, PBS 1/2/2016
9. The Drones, Deaf Wish, Deep Heat PBS 2/2/2016
10. Terrible Truths, Sui Zhen, Jess Ribeiro PBS 3/2/2016
11. Batpiss, Wet Lips, Grotto PBS 4/2/2016
12. Little Desert, Waterfall Person, Drug Swea PBS 5/2/2016

 13. Shit Narnia, Petticoat Junkyard, Pink Tiles, Oddfellows,  12/2/2106

14. The Shakeys, Bikini Cops, Zerodent Babushka Leederville 12/2/16

15. Tex Napalm, Harry Howard Duo, La Bastard, James McCann and the New Vindictives, Van Walker and the Heart Brokers, Beast feast night 1 the tote 19/2/2016

16. Rocket science, Evelyn rooftop 20/2/16

17. Gillian Welch, David Rawlings Machine, Dream a highway Festival Hall 20/2/16
The Living eyes, Orb, Swim Team, the tote 27/2/16

18. Spotting, The Curtin 28/2/16

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 2016 Gigs

1. Wet Lips, Babe Rainbow, Wavves, Max Watts 3/1/2016

2. The Electric Guitars Bar Open 10/1/2016

3. Cable Ties, Orb, Little Desert, The Tote 10/1/2016

4. Waterfall Person band, The Gasometer, 10/1/2016

5. Ali E, Harry Howard and NDE, The Public Bar 10/1/2016

6.  RIGHT THERE ON MY TV - A Tribute to Paul Drane; Graveyard Train, Peep Tempel, Digger and the Pussycats, All Star Supergroup The Tote 16/1/2016

7. WETFEST Wet Lips, Terrible Truths, Sugar Fed Leopards, Little Desert, Loose Tooth,Girl Crazy, Palm Springs, Lazertits, Plaster of Paris, Karli White, Pink Tiles, The Tote 23/1/2016

8.Shitfest Bits of Shit, The Vacant Lot, The Living Eyes, Red Red Krovy, Chook Race, Leather Lickers, The Kremlings, Stations, 26/1/2016



Monday, December 14, 2015

December 2015 Gigs

 Fuzzsucker, Shrimpwitch, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, The Tote, 4th December 2015,

Woo Hoo, Bar Open, 10th December 2015,

The Groans, The Five Shakes, Off The Hip, 11th December  2015

Johnny Telefone, Habits, The Tote, 11th December 2015

Even The Evelyn, 20th December 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 2015 Gigs

Bad Vision Bits of Shit ,Swim Team, Midnight Wolf, Tote Cobra  November 6 2015

Jeff Henry Band 303  November 7 2015

Rocket Science The Gasometer November 7 2015

Department and Shrimp Witch & Jacky Winter The Tote November 11  2015

Acid Baby Jesus, The Curtin, Nov 12 2015

Straight Arrows & Jonathan Toubin, The Gasometer Nov 13  2015

Les Minijupes, The Predawn Civilisation, Thee Cha Cha Chas Nov 14  2015

Faye Soft, Angel Eyes, Two Steps on the Water, Pink Tiles,  Howler Nov 17 2015 

Wet lips Public Bar November 19 2015

Terrible Truths Max Watts November 19 2015

Kitchens Floor, The Shifters Labour In Vain November 20 2015

Broadway Sounds Pink Tiles XO Studios November 21 2015

Teuton, Little Desert, The Tote November 21 2015

Hills Hoist, Joe Neptune, Loose Tooth, Tote November 22 2015

Kit Warhurst, The Conclusions, The Bowers,  The Old Bar, 26th November 2015

Sleepless Nights, Steph Hughes & Darren Hanlon Cobra The Tote, 27th November 2015

Hoss, The Gasometer, 27th November 2015

The Quinals, Fiesta, Exhibition Hall, 28th November 2015

Ghastly Spats, Hierophants, Exhaustion, The Tote, 28th November 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 2015 gigs

Listen compilation launch with Soft Rubbish, Philippa Omega & Creeks Band, The Old Bar, 3rd October 2015

Cable Ties, Good Morning & The Memories (from LA) Brunswick car park, 4th October, 2015

Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, The Pink Tiles, Max Watts, 9th October 2015

Mammoth Mammoth, Barbarion, 10th October 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 2015 gigs

LazerTits, Swim Team, Girl Crazy, PT's, Bar Open 4th September, 2015

Battle of the Bands with PT's, Colac COPACC 5th September 2015

Slick, Seasides, PT's, Eli's Mile High, San Francisco, 11th September, 2015.

Damn! Mister Tang, Turn! Turn! Turn, Portland, 13th September 2015.

Skip Church, Daylight Robbery, PT's The Burlington Bar,  Chicago, 15th September 2015.

Quitty and the Donts, The Electric Mess, PT's,  The Gutter, Brooklyn NY, 18th September 2015.

Islands and Tigers, PT's, Limelight, San Antonio, 21st September 2015.

The Wolf, Hundred Visions, Matt Hollywood, Hotel Vegas, Austin Motel, 22nd September 2015.

Sheiks, Pink Tiles, Aquarian Blood, Gary Wrong Group, Pampers, Jack Oblivian with The Sheiks, Gonerfest, Hi-Tone,  Thursday 24th September 2015.

Nowhere Squares, Kit Convict & The Terrible Two, Pookie and the Poodles,  Manhunt, The Buccaneer car park, Friday 25th September 2015.

Musk, Cuntz, Nots, Timmy's Organism, Ty Rex, Sonny Vincent, Hi Tone, Friday 25th September 2015.

Salad Boys, Lord High Panther, Wet Ones, Shadow In The Cracks, Obnox, Ultimate Painting, Make Overs, Giorgio Murderer, Sweet Knives, Murphy's, Saturday 26th September 2015.

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Nobunny, Blind Shake, Quintron, Saturday 26th September 2015.

King Louie's Katrina Memories, Gazebo at Cooper and Young Sunday 27th September 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 gigs

57. Chelsea Bleach, Military Position, The Tote, 1/8/2015

58. Empat Lima, Mangelwurzel, School Damage, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, Shadow Electric, 4/8/2015

59. Totally Mild, Fitzroy Town Hall 6/8/2015

60. Wet Lips, The Braves, Girl Fridas, Gonzo, Shrimpwitch, The Tote, 7/8/2015

61. Marc Ribot, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Playhouse Theatre 8/8/2015

62. 100 Acre Woods, Ghost Dick, The Pink Tiles, The Old Bar, 9/8/2015

And I saw a bunch of other gigs that I failed to log and cannot remember the list now.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 2015 Gigs

51. Singing Pretty- The Songs of Died Pretty by Ron S Peno and Hired Guns, Pink Tiles, The Hired Guns The Corner Hotel 5/7/2015

52. Xmas In July by SMB feat Summer Flake, the Steve Miller Band, The Shabbab, Cable Ties The Tote 5/7/2015

53. Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington, The Standard, 9/7/2015

54. Hits, The Television Addicts, Sheek Stain and The Creep, Lazertits, The Tote (upstairs and downstairs)17/7/2015

55. The Electric Guitars, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, Hits, The Dubrovniks, Rocket Science, The Scientists, Corner Hotel, 18/8/2015

56. Totally Mild, Deaf Wish, Sugar Fed Leopards, The Copacobana, 19/7/2015

57. King Khan and BBQ show, The Living Eyes, The Pink Tiles, The Corner Hotel, 24/7/2015

June 2015 Gigs

44. 10 Years of Stone Love Empat Lima, Archer, Simoncee Page Jones Bj Morriszonkle, Miles and Simone, Lovers of the Black Bird, Chook Race, Amanda Roff Singers, Elvis Princely Taka Honda,  Sugar Fed Leopards 5/6/2015

45. TV, Loose Tooth, The Yarra, 7/7/2015

46. Pink Tiles EP launch, Habits, Loose Tooth, Bonnie Doom 13/6/2015

47. Beef Jerk Northcote Social Club 15/6/2015

48. Mighty Boys, Bad Vision, Girl Crazy The Tote 20/6/2015

49.  Girl Crazy The Girl Fridas Cathouse Canary The Old Bar 24/6/2015

50. Mesa Cosa, Dumb Punts, The Gaso, 28/6/2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 2015 Gigs

40. Heirophants, The Tote 2/5/2015

41. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Fucking Teeth, Harry Howard and the NDE,  Dave Graney and the MistLy, Davey Lane, Mangelurzel,  Gizzfest, The Corner, 3/5/2015

42. The Electric Guitars, Legends of Motorsport, Incigneri/Bystrom & DJ Kezbot, The Old Bar, 9/5/2015

43. Loose Tooth, Andre, Rolling Blackouts, Shebeen, s15/52015.

This has been my poorest record of attendance of gigs in 5 years. I'm sorry self

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2015 Gigs

31.Girl Crazy, Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, Pink Tiles, Mesa Cosa, Los Chicos, The Tote, 3/4/2015

32. Rocket Science, Boogie Festival, Tallarook, 2/2/3015

33. Pow Pow Kids, Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, Guantanamo Baywatch,  9/4/2015

34. The Shifters, The Hierophants, Chook Race, The Catfish, 11/4/2015

35. Johnny Casio farewell show, Labour in Vain, 12/4/2015

36. Yis, The Tote, 12/4/2015

37. East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Palm Springs, Pink Tiles, Old Bar 19/4/2015

38. East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Shadowcasters, BJ Morriszonkle, Old Bar 26/4/2015

39. Lucas Heenan (Silver Moon) Swim Team, Girl Crazy, The Tote, 29/4/2015

Swim Team play their first show ever