Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2011 gigs

Although it’s only Autumn, it feels like winter. All I want to do is go to sleep. I’m getting too old and comfortablle.. And I'm getting sick! I’ve got 8 styes. Yes it’s getting gross. I’m fast losing touch so the following are bands I’ve caught, but I've not had the intention of seeing them…
75. Jimmy Stewart Labour in Vain 5/5/2011
76. Sweet Jean & Marcel Borrack with Sarah Carroll Last Record Store Closure 7/5/2011
77. James McCann The Vic 7/5/2011
78. Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee 8/5/2011
79. The Paul Kidney Experience 13/5/2011 The Old Bar
The performance of luridly dressed Paul Kidney aptly leading the PKE is at times terrifying as he paces up and down, back and forward like an untamed beast, screaming into the mic, crazy eyed. What you hear doesn’t sound like a human voice. It’s noise. The PKE are a band who improvise. They feature two guitarists, bass and drums. What seemed like sound check turned into the performance, and what seemed like a song, occupied a set. There were build ups and lulls. The energy of the performance, and the sound can only be summed up as this: The PKE made me feel as though my face was melting and all of the liquids and solids were going to seep out of my body. Try this if you want to hear boundary pushers doing exactly that or you’re sick of the same old thing.

79.5 Gary Olsen 14/5/2011 PBS
Gary Olsen was from the Jayhawks, now doing his own singer songwriter thing. But this time he’s got a lady with beautiful vocals singing along, playing percussion, bells and harmonium. It’s beautiful in a relaxing Wednesday night in winter kind of way.

80. Nick Murphy and Band Marquis of Lorne 15/5/2011
Nick Murphy is an excellent pop song writer. Together with his band[guitar, bass, drums and occasional pedal steel], what you get good wintry pop melancholic pop, bursting with beautiful harmonies, and a dash of country flavour. Featuring songs from the recently released What’s on in your Mind album [which notably does not do him justice]. Some may find this bland. I totally dug it. Perfect for a Sunday arvo at the Marquis. File between the Pernice Brothers and Harper Simon.

81. Sean Simmons The Old Bar 22/5/2011
Sean Simmons is a singer songwriter from The Spoils and is better than I thought it would be. Winter Music. Caught a little Cash Savage with a different band line up.

82. Spinning Rooms The Old Bar 25/5/2011
4 piece, sax centric band with screamy male vocals.

82. 5 Brothers Grimm The Old Bar 27/5/2011

83. Telecom Marquis of Lorne 29/5/2011
Indie pop rock band with some good guitar moments, and good guest singer.

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