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Ponderosa Stomp, Special edition 16th Sept 2011 Friday night

The crowd outside of Ponderosa Stomp, Friday night
147. Ponderosa Stomp, The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans 16/9/2011
Ponderosa Stomp is an organisation dedicated to recognising the talent of under appreciated American musicians, and exposing it to a new audience. The Stomp is a concert to showcase the artists. In 2011 it's a revue style event, held over two nights for more than seven hours each night.  Aged artists travel from all over the country for this one night on stage. There's a house band, but most acts have 15 minutes on stage, so it's a revolving door of talent. Logistically, it would be hard to pull off. But they did it well on this night. There was an Excello tribute, and the performer selection marked a strong Louisiana focus. Most of the evening was dedicated to Cosimo Matassa, a NOLA a engineer/producer who is said to have helped develop the "New Orleans Sound". There's so much to say, so I'll just do most of it in pictures.

Signs on the door @ The Howlin' Wolf
Lil' Buck and The Topcats - the house band that played for at least 5 hours!!

Clayton Sampey from Lafayette. The washboard player is the grand daughter of Clifton Chenier
Carol Fran, started the tribute to the Excello record co. Aided by a carer and a walking stick, she made her way onto the stage, celebrating her 78th birthday. She recorded Cryin' In the Chapel before Elvis did, she told him, and her cut her a cheque on the spot. She also talked about one night of sin: "he's gone now... It must have been good. I still remember it 50 years later!" On men right now, he has to have silver, because she ain't no cradle snatcher.

Bobby Allen

Classie Ballou from Waco had to rehearse his songs because he recorded them when he was only 29/30, one awesome exotica song about Crazy Mambo. Besides he's been doing covers in the meantime. He was also accompanied by his daughter on drums.

Lazy Lester AKA "The Spiritual Godfather of Ponderosa Stomp" and James Johnson. Johnson was very ill, so it was super special that he could be there to finger pick blues guitar.

Drummer in Deke Dickerson and the Eccofonics playing "drums"

Bobby Rush, Blues singer and guitarists worked blue using innuendo, and then told the crowd they had dirty minds. He sung about chicken heads of which I did not know the meaning of... "I love that girl but I love chickenheads too"....

A storyteller and a joker, he ended the set telling us that "A blind snake is a snake that cannot see"

The sparkly rear of Allen Toussaint

Robert Parker with Allen Toussaint

Jay Chevalier and Michael Hurtt and the Haunted Hearts. Chevalier's wry singing style, his warped sense of humour and the musical talent of all the band members made this act a country delight.

The autographed double bass

Ernie Vincent, guitarist.

The Creole Zydeco Farmers

Jean Knight, soul vocalist sings Mr. Big Stuff, and tells us we better get our act together.

Little Leo, brother of Lloyd Price. The City of Kenna made this day Leo Price Day!

Some members of the house band. I'll never look at saxaphone the same way

Michael Hurtt and Earl Stanley

Eddie Powers and Earl Stanley

G G Shinn. Dressed in a purple velvet jacket, open shirt, gold earring, natural glow, white teeth, GG Shinn is a vision  of what I'd imagine the cruise ship and casino's scene is. Still he's an old style performer, with an expressive and amazing voice.

Tony Owens tell us "I've got Soul" and I believe it...

Frankie Ford recorded for the Ace label. Producer Cosimo Matassa told him "If you've  got a day job, keep it!"  But Frankie had a hit. Tonight, Frankie was frail, had a fall  but got back up with assistance, then thanked his family.

Jay Chevalier AKA The Louisiana Troubadour entertains with his early rock-country sound.

Jump! Jivin' Gene plays Swamp pop and jump blues.

The end of night crowd, dance the night away.....

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