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October 2011 gigs

New on the scene, The In The Out play one of their first few gigs. Go see them. River of Snakes sounds like Midnight Woolf thanks to one of the members being from Midnight Woolf - so if you like that, maybe you'll like this. For a band I hear are 20 years old, they don't look it - or they started when they were juveniles. Speaking of juveniles, that sense of youth seems to be the wellspring from which their fun and funniness comes from. Blokes in the crowd are fisting the air approving the rock. And the Legends of Motorsport keep the crowd laughing.

154. The Large No. 12's The Standard 9/10/2011
Older country and rock guys play covers keeping the Standard Sunday crowd entertained.

155. The Drones, The Corner 12/10/2011
The Drones have these twisting, turning epic type songs which make you feel like you're going through their rollercoaster ride of brooding melancholy, then despair, then you come out at the end cleansed. That's right, you're a new person! It bores some, but for others, that's the beauty of their work. The jerkish movements of Liddiard, put some off, but it seems his just throwing himself into his performance.The jerkish banter of Liddard ["Dan drinks too much, Mike snorts too much, Fi eats too much and I don't"] didn't do much for his charm factor. But their sound is theirs, and people seem to love them, or feel quite indifferent. In any case, The Drones are a heavy affair.

156.The Princetons The Laundry 13/10/2011
The Princetons are an light indie happy dance band with  funky white moments.  The drummer possesses muscles galore but not the ability to convince me he's got music flowing through his veins. The song they called rockabilly sounds more like some Christian rock bland out. I'm big on encouraging the kids, but the best I can do for now is suggest they Google rockabilly. Meanwhile, some kids are dancing. Maybe I got too old for this. Cue to exit.

156.5 The Bulls, Spencer P Jones, Go Go Sapien, Private party 15/10/2011
Spencer P Jones is a world class singer-songwriter. Go Go Sapien are in their element as a perfect party band.

157. Plague Doctor & Major Tom and the Atoms Yah Yahs 16/10/2011
Plague Doctor. Good songs, and apparently played new songs at the beginning of their set. They've got a new lady singer from Howl at the Moon doing her first gig with them too. Major Tom & the Atoms features a singer from Little Red, fronting this 6 piece band, half of who seem to be dressed for a wedding. It's fitting because they sound like a wedding band, complete with sax and keys.It's Spandeau cheesey in parts, with melodrama and large smatterings of fm pop with an early r & b influence. A headwound of the guitarist causes the band to play lounge music which seems to suit them perfectly. 

158. Old Grey Mule, The Standard 19/10/2011
Two piece, Austin based native American Indian blues rock act. Yes that was a mouthful. One guy played guitar, the other played drums and sang. Their best song  I caught was when Chris Russell of Chris Russell's Chicken Walk sang along, making up the words, forcing everyone to crack a smile. It's free front bar music on a Wednesday night performed by two out of towners.

159. Harry Howard and the NDE, Baptism of Uzi, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard The Tote 21/10/2011.
Harry Howard and the NDE are the equivalent of senior citizens at the Tote tonight, which is not all bad, because their songs sound like bleak pop, with lyrics that seem to be based on life experience, and feature a very dry sense of humour. Refreshing and intelligent, and it features Edwina Preston playing a stylophone, Clare Moore on drums and Dave Graney on bass.  Baptism of Uzi seems to have grown since last time I saw them. There's 5 members on stage, padding out the room with big sound, minimal vocals and still, I feel like I'm watching Nightrider when I hear these guys. By the time King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard hit the stage, the band room is a full house, which is quite a feat given they're a band who I think are less than a year old. Tonight, they're launching their 10" EP Willoughby's Beach. High energy, surfy-garage complete with inane lyrics that are set to repeat. It's a wall of sound created by the 7 on stage: 3 guitars, drummer, harp player, second percussion, and bassist. The live experience includes on stage antics, and in 2011 KGLW are really striking a chord. And they wrap it up sans conventional encore.
160. Spencer P Jones  and the Escape Committee Marquis of Lorne 22/10/2011
Solid performance from a not always solid performer. Undeniable true talent that we can claim as ours and by that I mean he's Australian right?

161. Kira Puru & Jordie Malone Labour in Vain 25/10/2011
Kira Puru & Jordie Malone are blurry @ Labour
Deep, high, soft, loud, rich, sad, joyous, you name it Kira Puru can sing it. Yes it's true. Kira Puru of Newcastle has a great set of pipes. In town for a month long residency at The Old Bar [Sundays], she's got the soul of Etta, and does jazzy moments like Ella, but her voice is all hers, and what is most apparent: it all seems so effortless. Tonight she's accompanied by Jordie Malone of Kira Puru and The Bruise. He's playing guitar, and singing along in the style of M Ward's romantic moments. They're doing folky covers and some originals. This gig is by no means flawless, but they laugh through the mistakes and it's fun for everyone. At first it seems she's an artistic oddity; Kira Puru is not like everyone else. She's got style, she marches to the beat of her own drum, and talent galore. In my mind, Kira Puru is destined to be a star of some kind and would have been the perfect act to wedge between Graveyard Train and Brothers Grim Monday 31/10 at The Forum. She could easily hold that room. But they'll have left town by then. Go see them play a much smaller venue: their last residency show in Melbourne at The Old Bar Sunday 30th of October.

162. Deep Heat, Per Purpose, Marf Loth, Tax, Bad Aches, Terrible Truths, Native Cats, The Sailors The Tote, 29/10/2011.
Someone told me that Maggotfest is Australia’s answer to Gonerfest.  Booked by Tim Scott, it’s a punk and garage 9 hour extravaganza.  It’s 2 years old, and drew a small crowd but it was not overrun by Total Control cool kids nor the youthful King Gizzard fans.  But it was an interesting line up of mostly bands I’d never heard of. As a result I had to go.

Deep Heat are a 4 piece screamy rock band with 3 chicks and 1 guy who seems to have Laryngitis. Even still, the gals have got attitude so the band's got grunt.

Per Purpose are 3 skinny white guys playing frenetic loud punk and post punk type music. They're playful with rhythm but I don't really understand what they're trying to do - but that's my problem not theirs right?

Marf Loth are a 5 piece Sydney act playing melodic garage pop. There's a lot to like about these guys [like they had the aim to go see Spencer P Jones and Conway Savage because they’re in Melbourne], but it's mostly got to do with their sound and their on stage fun.

Bad Aches are a fun 3 piece screamy, poppy, garage, punk band and include a Mummies cover in their set earning extra cred points from my temporary companion.
Tax are easily the oldest people to play so far today. So much sound for a 3 piece. With a droning singing drummer who owns precision timing, a squealing guitar & punch in your face bass, I find this act is not really for me.

*Missed Unity Floors and Chook Race because it was dinner time* 

Terrible Truths are a 3 piece band with 2 female singers. They’ve got that angular minimalist post punky pop sounds with catchy riffs.

Woollen Kits are a 3 piece clumsy pop band with a singing drummer. Their opening song includes a Cattle and Cane riff. Easy to like to you can handle the sloppiness.
Bitch Prefect are 3 guys, playing mostly sloppy, yet catchy - almost cutesy indie pop. Some songs have a twinge of twang.

Native Cats are a 2 piece from Tasmania featuring a bassist, and a singer with a Stylophone, drum machine & a Melodica. Sparse sounds, tuneless vocals, but still full of attack. Driving rhythms. Build ups feature layered sounds. In essence, they've got a scientific music vibe.

Onstage there's 2 guitarists, a keys player and a singing drummer. It's The Sailors and they're asking us "what's the time? It's fucken' rock O'Clock!" Yes The Sailors have rehearsed banter with gags between songs; a swag full of cock jokes with shades of gay with songs like Penis Colada and the anthemic classic: I Punch  You With The Fist Of My Cock. The crowd are arm pumping. It's verging on the ridiculous, then they play Trim The Bush, drawing laughter from the crowd. Although it's really stupid, crass and insulting to some, The Sailors are kinda good. It's funny, provocative and solid. In my mind, they're the best band I've seen at this 9 hour minus a dinner break event.

163. Dirt Farmer, The In The Out, Curtin Bandroom 31/10/2011
Dirt Farmer are  5 piece [some from Wagga Wagga] who look like undergrads with clean shirts. They've got sophisticated pop songs with space for their various parts: lapsteel, harmonica, guitar bass drums. It's pop twang with sunny vocals tinged with melancholy. Likeable summery pop well suited for an ice cream commercial.  The In The Out played their third gig - go and see them.

164. Ben Salter, The Bowers, The Retreat 1/11/2011
Folky singer song -writer with a sense of humour plays Cup Day Kaos in the front bar to an intersted crowd. The Bowers performed a good set in the main stage area to an intersted crowd.

165. School of Radiant Living, Ally Oop and The Hoopsters featuring Noize Bunny, The Sailors, Gasometer 3/11/2011
The School of Radiant Living are back and they're better than ever. Good songs, sweet textures, two main vocalists, sharing that load. Harriet with her booming sound; Georgia with that tinge of melancholy. It's indie pop of the non boring variety, but with a truckload of attitude.  Tonight they had a new drummer Patrick, and in my mind this band works. I love The School of Radiant Living. They're the coolest chicks in Melbourne. Ally Oop and the Hoopsters are Ally Spazzy and Noise Bunny, two blonde, white chicks doing hip hop; songs about wearing & being hoods, songs about the mean streets of Box Hill, and so on. If you you can get past the irony, these chicks are really great, putting heaps of energy into their performance, their good at the craft of rap, and Noize Bunny has got moves. I liked them. The Sailors did more of the same and I really dig their arrangements of their dirty, dirty songs.

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