Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 2011 gigs

164. Ben Salter, The Bowers, The Retreat 1/11/2011
Folky singer song -writer with a sense of humour plays Cup Day Kaos in the front bar to an intersted crowd. The Bowers performed a good set in the main stage area to an intersted crowd.

165. School of Radiant Living, Ally Oop and The Hoopsters featuring Noize Bunny, The Sailors, Gasometer 3/11/2011
The School of Radiant Living are back and they're better than ever. Good songs, sweet textures, two main vocalists, sharing that load. Harriet with her booming voice; Georgia with that tinge of melancholy. It's indie pop of the non boring variety, but with a truckload of attitude.  Tonight they had a new drummer Patrick, and in my mind this band works. I love The School of Radiant Living. They're the coolest chicks in Melbourne. Ally Oop and the Hoopsters are Ally Spazzy and Noise Bunny, two blonde, white chicks doing hip hop; songs about wearing & being hoods, songs about the mean streets of Box Hill, and so on. Look beyond the the irony and these chicks are really great, putting heaps of energy into their performance, their good at the craft of rap, and Noize Bunny has got moves. I liked them. The Sailors did more of the same and I really dig their arrangements of their dirty, dirty songs.

166. The In The Out, An interesting Jazz band, Antartica, Silver City Highway, Private party 5/11/2011
Party Projection

The In The Out

Cool jazzy band- I have no idea who they are. Do you?

 167.Wayfaring Strangers, The Tote 11/11/2011
Wayfaring Stranger are thirsty
After a year long break The Wayfaring Strangers return.They start off luke warm, they tell the crowd they're playing a show at the request of a former booker, who couldn't make it. There were hardcore fans and friends especially there to see this entertaining band. Their sound is folky, bluesy, pub rock and their songs are ballads. This all hangs on the antics of their singer dressed all in white: Dom De Plume who starts the set at the bar, drinking and singing. Then he's on a chair, then he's in the audience, telling stories, singing songs. He tells the story of how the band formed: when he was younger his friend Richard said that he was an entertaining person who could do something with all his unused talent so he formed a band with a 14 year old mix taper.

Wayfaring  Strangers are back!
Throughout the gig, the band warmed up, found their groove, and by the end left a crowd cheering, smiling, genuinely entertained.

168. Folk Uke, East Brunswick Club 11/11/2011
Folk Uke with some guy called Trio
Folk Uke have the earthy pure voices ripe for the sweetest country. Their talk is dirty and their lyrics are twisted and hilarious. There's a Gurthrie grandaughter and the daughter of Willie Nelson. They play guitar and uke, sing harmonies, telling jokes between songs and it was fucking delightful.  Quiet music on a quiet night. The band prior to them  - The 49 Goodbyes. a singing duo with a guitar player were not my bag at all. 

169. The Bulls, Jacky Winter,  The Tote 14/11/2011
A pop up gig for the 30th birthday of the Tote, brother and sister duo The Bulls played their set of folky feeling music, that has range, volume, and feeling, proving yet again what in incredible set of pipes that Linda has. Singer/Songwriter Jacky Winter played a set of originals and some covers. 1 guy, 2 guitars: 6 string and 12 string, and a shrill yet expressive,  likeable and unique voice. A highlight song was about a new one that he wrote about cleaning pubs and patrons making malicious mess. Perfectly pitched entertainment for a Monday night.

The Dancefloor Racketeers
170. Dancehall Racketeers The Tote 20/11/2011
These guys play 1930's style music; yes it's the time before music was a fully formed commodity, divided by genre. It was when music was just music.  This bought about fusion and cross polination. As a result players performed blues, jazz, Hawaiian, Western Swing and more. And this is exactly what the Dancehall Racketeers did tonight. Highly skilled, very entertaining, they transformed Tote gig goers into a happening dance floor. The Dancehall Racketeers would be awesome in the day time at a hotel lobby by a beach.

171. Mofo Brothers, Saint Jude The Old Bar 20/11/2011
The Mofo brothers are a 4 piece and play music that can only be best described as "in the style of the Puta Madre Brothers". All suited, there's no gimmicks here and musically they're simply awesome; playing an energetic set that blew my mind. Although in the support slot, they played an encore, and are perhaps Melbourne's best kept secret.
Inside the ladies toilets at The Old Bar Nov 2011

Saint Jude are a 5 piece country rock band [featuring 3 members from Little John] that venture into southern soul and slow grooves. There's screamy moments that work, and in all they seem like a fairly solid band.  It'd be worthwhile to watch their career develop.

 172. Slocombe's Pussy Pony, Melbourne Music Week 24/11/2011
 A mostly instrumental 4 piece, wearing cloaks exploring the progressive realms of rock and roll. Some might say it's boring and self indulgent. I just say it's not for me.
Slocombe's Pussy

173. The Blue Bottles Cherry, Melbourne Music Week 24/11/2011
50's-60's Surf music from this brothers band who debuted tonight.  I reckon they'd make a damn fine  party band.
Blue Bottles first gig

172. Chook Race, Pony, Melbourne Music Week 24/11/2011
Sweet garagey pop, and lead singer has got himself a new quiff. A lot to like.

173. Puta Madre Brothers, Cherry, Melbourne Music Week 24/11/2011
The venue was packed for the Puta Madre Brothers  who struggled with sound issues this night. Although they were good, they weren't blazing like last weekend and the vibe in the room felt lacklustre.

174. Big Bug Trio? The Gem 25/11/2011
I don't think this was the Big Bug Trio, as it wasn't a trio and the some of the members seems to be  slightly different than the photo's suggest.  Butwhat I caught was a bluegrassy band with some sweet Mando and Dobro action.

175. Greasy Hawaiians Town Hall Hotel 26/11/2011
4 piece, middle aged guys playing surf, party and 60's covers with 2 broken Flangers.Not slick but really well suited for the front bar of the Town Hall Hotel on this rainy Saturday afternoon.

176. The In The Out, Iowa Yah Yahs 27/11/2011
The In The Out played their best show yet. But unfortunately I missed Iowa who seemed to sound awright from the street.
The Murlochs crowd is sure to grow

 177.  The Murlochs, The Chromenips, The Tote 28/11/2011
The Murlocs are a 5 piece r & B - garagey tween band. Everyone in the band looks either really relaxed or really nervous. Lead singer has a distinctive raw singing style and breaks the vocals up with harmonica. Catchy songs for these boys on the edge of manhood, and what's really pleasing is that they don't rush their sound. It seems to satisfy the 12 in the room. The Chromenips are an all star covers band  dressed up as women or glam - freaks. They've got talent to boot, put on an interesting show, and Joel Silbersher is a hilarious frontman.