Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2012 gigs

202. Vice Grip Pussies, Barbarion, The Reverence Hotel, Footscray 29/11/2012
Someone said Ugly Kid Joe, referring to VGP. Young dudes, lotsa energy and questionable taste, but they seem to really love what they do.

203. Smudge play The Modern Lovers, Pure Pop 1/12/2012
Kinda boring, kinda enjoyable, great to hear Modern Lovers tunes played in real life by a real band.

204. Elvis Angels, The Night Party, The Murlocs, Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ, The Old Bar, 1/12/2012
Elvis cover group Midnite Bosom AKA Elvis Angels do sultry Elvis covers. This group has two great vocalists and guitar accompaniment. The Night Party are a two piece bluesy band [think John Spencer inspired] and one of them happens to be the cousin of star of the evening, Richie 1250.  Surfie looking outfit The Murlocs come on stage and do a set, then leave. A friend asks me "is it just me, or are even the Murlocs bored with their set these days?" Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ are launching their album the Terrifying Splendour or R1250 BOC and tonight they're all dressed up like the band of  weirdos they truly are, and they play the best set I've ever seen them play. First, side A, then there's a break featuring Simone Page Jones who does some interpretive dance, sings some operatic thing, then strips. It was all kinda breathtaking. Then Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ return to the stage to do side B.

204. Asps, Fatti Frances, Gaso 2/12/2012
Asps - one lady on vocals, another on a machine, and another guy sitting on an amp [was he twisting a knob?] Fatti Frances sings into a mic with her pre-programmed beats. The vibe? kinda like a dark R & B thing with the made in the bedroom aesthetic. On top of this: a shit load of dry ice and lasers.

205. Pretty Things, The Corner Hotel 4/12/2012
Kinda like an oldies show, and the guitarist Dick Taylor wows with his awesome guitar skills, but in the blues set,  has a finger cramp making you realise that these guys are actually really old. There's at least three generations here. Even more impressive that they can arrive in Australia from a long haul and play the very next day. Anyway John Staxx joined them, the crowd mainly adored them - it was their first show in Australia ever and many bought their records to get signed which the guys from the Pretty Things were happy to do, although not many T Shirts were sold.

Blues Set

Set List

With John Staxx

Greeting fans

206. Dozers, The Old Bar 8/12/2012
Sounds like a grunge type band to me.

207.  Mangles, Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project Yah Yahs 5/12/2012
Mangles are an all guy band that do Bangles covers. Yes The Bangles did have some really killer songs, all mangled by the Mangles but props to the drummer in his nighty and electric drumkit. Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation are Guy Blackman of Chapter Records and Marcus R of The UV Race and their funny little songs with a keyboard backing. Sounds shit, but I like it anyway.

208. Wrong Turn, The Pretty Things, Midnight Woolf, Norton benefit, The Old Bar  15/12/2012
2 piece Wrong Turn have become a 3 piece that play I suppose you'd call it R & B songs, but sound like a bluesy rock trio. I heard on grapevine that 3PBS veteran DJ Phil MacDougall caught The Pretty Things at the Caravan Music Club, told them he was a radio DJ and just did a special on Norton Records. Apparently The Pretty Things are Norton friends and supporters, and Phil told them about the Norton benefit held by Off The Hip records on Saturday night. The Pretty Things had a vacancy in their schedule, and the very next day, The Pretty Things contacted Off The Hip thanks to Phil's referral and all the sudden they're playing this benefit. Why this story? Because it's often those people behind the scenes, getting out and about, having chats and before you know it shit's happening. Yes I love these stories of the movers and shakers. So The Pretty Things arrive at the Old Bar about five minutes before they were due to arrive on stage, play, kill it with a blistering set including Come See Me, S.F. Sorrow, LSD, Midnight to Six Man, Can't Judge a Book and many more, and then head off! The youngest ones stayed of course. The make up of the band: two original members [Dick Taylor guitar and  Phil May vocals] and everyone else is younger. Someone I know mentioned it was a little Status Quo, but the main difference is that Status Quo are not a band who have songs I'd want to listen to right? This was a remarkable gig, in a tiny venue, and there was no sign tonight that this was an oldies band. After The Pretty Things played, Midnight Wolf followed with their wildman guitar sounds and palatable rock songs.
The Pretty Things arrive

to a packed Old Bar

And the crowd loves it

209. Chris Russell's Chickenwalk, The Bowers, The Tote 21/12/2102
 A lot of people are here for this pre-Christmas event. Unfortunately I missed Wrong Turn but the crowd are suitably impressed by CRCW. The Bowers master Melbourne power pop. Good songs and a good band.

210. White Walls, The Tote, 22/12/2012
So much hype around White Walls, but to me they sound like a grunge band, inspired by bad grunge bands.

211. Vice Grip Pussies, Xmas Party in Brunswick 25/12/2012
Nothing to say here

212. The Ears, The Tote  28/12/2012
 The Band featuring the man whose story inspired Dogs in Space. That's really all I can say except I'm sure the music meant something in a certain place and time.

213. Bluebottles, LuWow 29/12/2012
 If 60's surf guitar is your thing, The Bluebottles are for you. A brothers band, and everyone can play their instruments so well. Very tight, very fun.

214. Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Juke Joint at the Old Bar 29/12/2012
This was a benefit gig for that radio station called 3PBS, I believe they're a community radio station, and two of the stations identities: Matt Frederick from the Juke Joint program and Sam Wass from the Marketing department both had the experience of going to the US in 2012 and going to a real Juke Joint. They thought it would be fun to find a bunch of local blues artists and set up an event in the style of a Juke Joint. The line up was big but unfortunately I only got to catch one act: Two piece Chris Russell's Chicken Walk.  In 2012, Chris Russell's stocks have risen. An album was released, airplay followed and all the sudden his gigs have gone from 15 people in the Labour in Vain, to sold out!! I'm happy for him, he seems to love what he does, has worked hard to do it, and he strikes me as a nice guy.
A queue at the Old Bar?

Yes a queue at the Old Bar which felt like it lasted all night

In all, the event was successful. I heard there were 192 payers which is good for the venue, the station and hopefully the bands.

215. Totally Mild, Gaso, 30/12/2012
Indie pop from a indie hip 4 piece. Kinda St Vincent styled. Good songs.

216. Charles Jenkins, The Standard Hotel 31/12/2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 gigs


187. Tondo, Gaso, 1/11/2012
Their first gig ever, mostly instrumental included two fiddles, 1 guitar, 1 sax, drums, keys/synth guy. Kinda jazzy.

188. Maggotfest, Gaso, 2/11/2012-3/11/2012
I guess you could say this is the Melbourne version of Gonerfest. Heaps of new, or young bands, of the punk, garage, hardcore persuasion. All very cool. Yes, it is hipster city. But there's some substance going on here- for some of the bands. Most ran on time, it ran over three days [but I only caught 1.5]. Here's a quick rundown of what I caught:
Soma Coma
A blistering set by a screamy guy band, mostly punk and harcore with pop moments. Short songs.

dark and blurry
Hard to remember, but also seemed like a screamy band.

4 piece poppy act, but not catchy.
Raw Nerves

Raw Nerves
As a friend said, thank fuck! Finally a good band... Poppy,  upbeat, energetic  short songs, with a cool guitar player, and although the lead singers guitar failed during the set, it was a good one. Totally worth buying the album. Kiwi band.

Hard for me to be objective, as these guys are an *almost in this little scene* all star party band who have got the moves, the sounds and the songs. They almost never play so catch these guys when you can.

Kitchens Floor
So busy upstairs I missed this Brisbane act.

Raw Prawn
So busy upstairs I mostly missed this Sydney act. But what I heard - it was both energetic, and poppy with an edge.

Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish
4 piece Melbourne band who wowed audiences overseas and are playing gigs and getting more recognition now. There's three types of songs: dark songs, flat out punk songs, interesting rock songs perhaps all representing the *assumed* various writers. But together they patch together a set that works cohesively, and it's LOUD. This was not as brilliant as their last Tote gig, but it was good. During the end of the set, there was a punch on by a drunk patron[throwing punches at anyone]. The security guards had to pin him to the ground. This was the first time I have ever seen violence at a gig.

The Stevens
They played a tough time - still daylight, and almost just after waking time if you had a big night before. I usually love this band but their performance was flat, their new songs were good. They played older songs towards the end, but sounded very bored with them.

East Link
At the time I remember liking it but can't remember it.
Useless Eaters

Useless Eaters
This guy  Seth from Memphis was backed by a Melbourne band - and it was 70's inspired punk, pretty tight, though there were complaints you couldn't hear the bass.Seth can play, and had good songs. If they're playing around town GO SEE THEM. You won't be disappointed... I think.

Leather Towel
Again can't remember the specifics, but I did like them much more than I thought I would for Melbourne's  [or Geelong's?] best or worst named band.

Straightjacket Nation
A hardcore act that everyone that I knew suggested I see. Short screamy songs - that's almost all I can remember.. Also dudes everywhere in the mosh unleashing repressed homosexual tendencies with the body on body bashing about. As it finished, a friend said it would be good if they played a song.

Helta Skelta
Can't remember but I thought it was good.

In all it was a well organised festival, that promises all the bands YOU SHOULD know about, where dare I say it, it could be more expensive. For the punter, the cheaper it is, the less likely one is compelled to see everything - or perhaps it's got to do with my own laziness. It seemed that some bands had sound difficulties, or bought no back up guitars. I think a different venue with a large outdoor area with loads of toilets and multiple bars would be good for this event next year, but this was the best Maggot fest I've been to. I can't wait for next years...

189. Dacios, Messed Up, Cup Day Kaos, Ding Dong, 6/11/2012
Linda from the Dacio's tears it up with her raw rock stylings, and they've got a new bassist plus new songs. Messed Up do their Vivian Girls styled pop songs, drenched in reverb, and the drummer seems to play for her life.

190. Eastlink, Deaf Wish, Kitchen's Floor, Northcote Social Club, 6/11/2012
I've seen this band a few times and fail to remember their sound. What I can tell you is that it's Al from all those other bands and four guitarists. Deaf Wish take intensity to a new level and I can understand why people love this band, even claiming them to be the best band in Melbourne, lots of sounds and heaps of substance. They're a hard act to follow but Kitchen's Floor bring their sloppy-poppy songs to Melbourne.

191. The City Lights, The Bowers, The Old Bar 10/11/2012
The City Lights played their brand of power pop and they did it well. The Bowers did the same thing, but in their way. Two solid sets.

192. Julitha Ryan, Yah Yahs 11/11/2012
Julitha Ryan has a 9 piece band that includes a horn section, string section, rhythm section, a guy playing acoustic guitar, and Julitha on two layers of keyboards, singing. She is a Melbourne soul singer, but not in that quirky Clairy Brown kinda way. More adult contemporary-dark and sultry - been around the traps kinda thing. With a deep and husky voice, and supporting cast, Julitha provides a musical experience that I'm sure has an audience.  This would be a suitable gig for a sit down style venue that serves food- like the old Continental.

193. Izzy Cox, Grumpy's 14/11/2012
 Austin singer songwriter teams up with Billy Pommer Jr and Kim Volkmann to play two sets. She blends country with cabaret and she does it well, and has an incredible voice and a strong personality which sets her apart.  The band before them were positively not my bag.

194. Ratssak, Red Krovvy,  Useless Eaters, The Old Bar, 20/11/2012
 Ratssak are a 3 piece DIY punk [minus safety pins and mohawks - more hip] band. Useless Eaters are similar but with a female lead screamer who is also the Pop Singles drummer. Useless Eaters may have been set back due to sound problems, but this was throughly cool and enjoyable.

195. St Jude, The Old Bar, 20/11/2012
Alt country band with big harmonies and pop moments plays to a packed Old Bar. This gig was free due to the Johnston Street Fiesta.

196. Wiley Red Fox, The Old Bar. 20/11/2012
 Think indie pop Belle and Sebastian styled, played by a four piece band, fronted by a lead singer songwriter. Impressed by the songs: really melancholy at times, but deliciously pop.

197. The Night Terrors, Thematica, Goblin, 21/11/2012

198. Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, YIS, High Fangs, Yah Yahs 24/11/2012
Richie 1250 and The BOC are in fine form, ahead of their launch in a weeks time. YIS had a replacement bassist and new awesome guitarist and have gone from being "yeah" good to "wow I'm impressed" good. Their next gig's at Pony for the closing day/night celebration. High Fangs delivered power pop in stripey shirts for their album launch. At times they were joined by a wild man on maraccas or tambourine.

199. Jack on Fire, The Dianas, Grace Darling, 25/11/2012
Jack on Fire have that dark country rock vibe, and performed at least a couple of new songs. The Dianas are a Perth band, all female, drums, guitar and bass with lots of delicious harmonies. Sweet pop.

200. St Jude, The Old Bar 25/11/2012
Country rock 5 piece complete their November residency at the Old Bar.

201. Plague Doctor Old Bar, 28/11/2012
Plague Doctor have newer big, big songs.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 2012 gigs

180. Los Straitjackets, The Bell House, 5/10/2012
Los Straitjackets are an instrumental surf/60's/Mexican inspired band that wear black suits and Mexican wrestling masks. Nashville musical masters with a big sense of fun and entertainment, they sport silver Dipinto guitars and have synchronised dance moves. They are a highly polished act that builds and builds. The audience member can't get bored because it's all too fun. They commence their set with a poppy, melancholy song, only to work their way into more luau style party rock songs. At intervals they include a singer, who did a Tom Jones cover, and River Deep Mountain High, in bad Tuxedos. Notably he was told not to bring his drink on stage, or he had to drink it! Founding member Danny Amis joined the group half way through the set and the second encore, and the crowd applauded loudly. The gimmicky highlight was during the encore when the drummer moved centre stage, and appeared to tap dance whilst drumming. Style and substance, Los Straitjackets have got it. A solid act.
Yes they've even got a gong

Danny Amis AKA "Daddy-O-Grande"

A whole lot of Di Pinto

181. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, The Grand Prospect, Brother Hamm and The Pentecostals, The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, 7/10/2012
I was unable to take much notice of the supports, but I suppose you'd call them upbeat country styled music.

I was here for Holly Golightly, having enjoyed her albums, and work in the Headcoatees. Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs is basically Holly Golightly performing with Lawyer Dave. They live in Georgia and rescue horses during the day. And they write songs together, including ones about neighbours. Holly Golightly has a sparkling wit that nobody can deny! Although English, she does folk music really well. They performed a long set-a list that Holly could not read as she didn't wear her glasses on stage. She herself said she was too vain for that. Lawyer Dave played drums and guitar, mostly using  a slide. Holly played rhythm guitar and both sang harmonies. That is all I can recall....

182, Spinning Rooms, The Tote 13/10/2012

183. Big Freedia, The Tote 17/10/2010
The Tote is like a cool Lesbian club and there's a shit load of booty shaking.

184.  Constant Mongrel, Deaf Wish, The Tote, 20/10/2012

185. Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Clits, Autumn Splendour, Yah Yahs 21/10/2012

186.Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee Yah Yahs 30/10/2012
Awesome songwriting that'll never fail to impress me. Real life drama when SPJ walked off stage, seemlingly due to Kim Volkman taking the intiative to sing backing vocals.

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 2012 gigs

165. Bad Vision, The Tote, 1/9/2012
I like this band.

166. Messed Up, The Tote 8/9/2012
Piercing vocals, smart guitar, smiling drums, new songs, that are soaked with reverb.

167. Nathan Hollywood & Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee, The Tote 8/9/2012
Nathan Hollywood provides a dark singer songwriter sound. Spencer P Jones lines up the Tequila's bought for him by his audience, has got what seems to be a new guitar, and the guy's on fire, playing all the songs you love to hear.

168. Fergus and Geronimo, Jaill, Maxwell's 11/9/2012
Fergus and Geronimo

It's fair to say I didn't love Fergus and Geronimo. They're a party band with three backing singers, that seemed to miss a little depth.  Jaill travelled all the way from  Milwauke and they've got a good sound coming from guitar, bass drums, keys and Theremin. Whiney voiced power pop with all the hooks you need, especially coming from lead guitar. Well constructed songs, with good harmonies and a dash of noise: you can't argue with that?! Sadly for the band who traveled so far, there was almost more people on stage in the audience.

169.Ronnie Spector - Beyond the Beehive, City Winery 15/9/2012
Ronnie Spector
After being in NY for one week, I'd only managed to see 1 gig. So when the tears were running down my cheeks during Ronnie Spector I don't know if I was so relieved to see some live music or whether Ronnie Spector was amazing? The audience of the City Winery on 155 Varrick Street can be described as wealthy oldies. But I didn't care. Ronnie has still got it! The voice, big hair, the legs, the moves, the sass. But she's also got the story- In picture: projections of her images forming a historical pictoral slideshow. And in content: This was the show where we hear about the early years in Spanish Harlem, her tight family, her rise to fame and how Girl Group singers were not considered artists, but some man's creation.It moved through name dropping the stars who she grew up with and who wrote songs for her.  We hear of the years of abuse endured from her former husband, alcoholism and coming through it. There were many highs and many lows, and Ronnie took the audience on the roller coaster ride, at times breaking down when telling her life story. But there was no time to dwell as Ronnie also sang a number of great songs throughout the show. Yes it was a show: Taking cues from her Ipad, Ronnie told her triumphant overcoming adversity story and who doesn't love those? With top class music interspersed, backed by a solid band, it was an ultimate show. And she is the ultimate New Yorker: very multicultural background, from the mean streets, made good, been through the worst, come out and top, and then great songs on top of that. Ronnie said it herself: "You can go to hell and back and still return. Ronnie Spector will not be erased!" No she will not! A courageous effort with brilliant results. I witnessed Rock and roll royalty tonight. Ronnie Spector Behind the Beehive is my gig of 2012. 

Note: Ronnie Spector did not have permission from Phil Spector to include certain songs in the show.  Needless to say, the encore was great, oldies standing everywhere, clapping and everybody enjoyed it. The last song was 'I Can Hear Music'.

170. Cool Serbia, Apache Dropout, King Prom, Death by Audio, 16/9/2012
King Prom - whose members are in several other bands

After the heights of seeing the best gig of 2012, nothing can ever compete. Since there's no point in comparing apples to oranges, I shan't and I won't. King Prom is a 3 piece and whilst they seem to lack good songs, or good playing, it's good to see a raw band. Apache Dropout are a 3 piece garage band, who were a tighter outfit, with a good bass and guitar player and had a number of good songs, and who are worthwhile catching. Not quite Goner standard though but I'd get their record. And Cool Serbia sounded highly influenced by Brit pop with a twist of psych. 2 guitars and a drummer.
Cool Serbia

171. Kelly and The Hermanos, Rodeo Bar, 17/9/2012
Country style singer with a voice as smooth as Norah Jones, singing originals and covers, backed by a solid band, which featured electric bass, pedal steel, drums and guitar. The crowd dug it and the room was full of women. The performance in included a whistle solo. This really seemed to be a crowd pleasing moment.

171. Party Folk, Rodeo Bar, 19/9/2012
Admittedly I wasn't here for the music. Party Folk are a neo folk style band with Mandolin and Banjo, 5 string bass, and two strong singers. It's a mish mash of Broadway musical, folk, pop. Needless to say it wasn't for me. However the brisket sandwich is good here.

172. No Bunny, Bad Sports, Xray Eyeballs, Living Bread Deli, 22/9/2012
Xray Eyeballs
Xray eyeballs guitarist is the son of Sam, who owns the active deli, which for tonight has been turned into a band venue. That explains the electricity problems, and the extraordinarily long queue.  Sam guards the counter as his place fills with Brooklyn hipsters. Xray eyeballs look good. Their look: beauty, diversity and bad taste. And sound wise, they have pleasant songs, but they have no hooks which made it hard to get into their material.
You can see Sam in this one peering behind the glass cabinet

Bad Sports on the other hand are about substance and style. They're a tight three piece. Everyone in the band knows their purpose, can play their instrument really well and knows they're capable. They've got good shouting vocalists, good singing, good melodies and great arrangements. There's just no messing around here. Even with the power outages, Bad Sports play like they live for it. They're excellent.
No Bunny and crowd

All the kids were here to see Nobunny, whose catchy tunes seem to have reached the hearts of a generation of the hip. Nobunny arrived, wearing black underpants, a black mask which appeared to be made out of tape, plants for ears and a leather jacket. Then he strutted, working the stage,  singing his catchy songs, backed by the Bad Sports. Needless to say the crowd went wild, crowd surfing, punching the air to their favourite NoBunny songs. By the end Nobunny was sweating in places you didn't even know you could sweat in. And Sam and his son probably had to clean up the mess.

173. The Dirtbombs, Jeff The Brotherhood, Mark Lanegan Band, ATP I''ll be your mirror, Pier 36 NYC, 22/9/2012

174. Gonerfest 2012, Cooper Young Gazebo, Buccaneer, Hi Tone and Murphy's, 27th-30th Sept, 2012.

On the grapevine, I heard some complaints about a weak line up for the 2012 Gonerfest but it wasn't so bad...
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans@ Cooper Young Gazebo
I was told that Jeffrey Evans is a singer/songwriter who kinda has legendary status in Memphis (Gibson Bros and '68 Comeback). His voice is booming, his guitar sounds are dirty, with a strong blues and rockabilly influences. His banter is long winded by at the same time oddly charming. It's loose, but it's cool and there's no finer way to commence Gonerfest 2012.

Thursday night at the Hi Tone
Moving Finger (Memphis)  - It's tough to remember the things that weren't outstanding. Making matters worse, I didn't take notes. All I can remember, is this group has some pretty funny facial expressions from the guitarist. In any case, it was good that they opened up the Hi Tone gig, seeing as they're from Memphis right?

Jack Of Heart(Perpignan, France)
Guys from France dress up as androgynous 70's rockers and play  60's style Garage with psych tinges. Their moments of overdrive were magnificent, but I just wished the lead singer put a pair of pants on.

Slug Guts (Brisbane)
Another band who dressed up, was Slug Guts from Brisbane. That's dressed up as The Birthday Party in appearance and sound. Many Americans in the crowd loved the exoticism of the Australian band which I would never be able to understand. One man in the crowd mentioned it "was like the Birthday Party except without atonal drone, and the other weird shit that made the Birthday Party interesting". At the very end of their set they raised an American flag.

Heavy Times (Chicago)
Heavy Times were a punchy quartet, with a bunch of what looked like metal dudes playing the poppiest, catchy songs ever. No nonsense, I wish I had bought their record.

Golden Boys (Austin)
Excellent upbeat pop music with hooks galore, and many singers. Everyone had fun.

Oblivians (Memphis)
No-one had a bad word to say about these guys. I suppose this band is a supergroup and witnessing Greg Cartwright or Jack Oblivion - in full action, well it's pretty cool stuff.

Friday Afternoon at the Buccanneer
Anomalys (Amsterdam)
Tall Blonde Dutch guys play kinda rock/punkabilly style music which did not seem to reach me in Memphis.

Toxie (Memphis)
This was one of my favourite band. You could say they're an indie pop band with sweet catchy songs, sassy frontwomen and so on, but the real highlight is the lead guitarists musicality. Excellent stuff if you like this kinda thing.

No Bails (Kalamazoo)
No Nonsense Garage rock band from a place I'm told has a good music scene.

Friday Night at the Hi Tone
Nots (Memphis)
Solid band with an impressive guitarist.

Bad Sports (Denton)
Bad Sports were excellent. Good songs, good delivery. Another solid band who seemed to alienate themeselves from their audience, saying how they're the best band in the world. When I spoke to a Swiss audience member she said she disliked the bass player for being so arrogant. I'm guessing the attitude is all part of the stage presence thing, given their name is Bad Sports. Surely they can't love themselves that much?

Gary Wrong Group (Mobile, Alabama)
This was the first band I couldn't give any attention to. I just didn't get it.

Bits of Shit
Conversely, I gave all my attention to this band. Bits of Shit did what they do, the Melbourne kids got into it, the American dudes got into it, and this was one of the first bands to stir up the crowd.

River City Tanlines (Memphis)
I was told to go see River city Tanlines for one main reason: Alicja Trout-the front woman and lead guitarist of this band.  Sadly I don't remember too much of the night except that I definitely see how she is cool.

Nobunny (Memphis)
Fun, ludicrious, wearing a leather mask tonight, backed by the Bad Sports with sunglasses on. Crowd favourite. Hometown hero.

After party at the Buccanneer
Buck Biloxy and the Fucks - took a while to get started but in the end it was fun.

James Arthur's Manhunt - best I'd seen them
Anomalys  - Not for me

Saturday Afternoon at Murphy's
White Mystery (Chicago)
Excellent brother sister two piece where she, as guitarist and singer has got it!

AAA The New Memphis Legs(Memphis)
The weirdest thing: You're from a foreign land, you're in Memphis seeing a whole bunch of rock bands, in what is the holy land of rock and roll and this one band whose  members include an Oblivian,  James Arthur's Manhunt are playing obscure Australian 60's garage covers, and having fun to it.

Chemicals (Portland)
The lead singer wears a lab jacket and the whole band go for it.

Chicken Snake (Staunton VA)
Refreshing for the Saturday afternoon, a change of pace. A band whose members are from New Orleans which give the event some more character with their brand of swamp rock.

Cecilia and the Sauerkrauts (Portland)
Cecelia does pop -playing keys and singing, and the Sauerkrauts wear fake Lederhosen. Fun stuff with novelty factor.

Lenguas Largas (Tucson)
By now I had left the venue, on my way to a record shop before closing time, when their siren song lured me back 200 metres to Murphy's. Lenguas Largas have good songs, 2 drummers and that's all i can vaguely remember.

Saturday at the Hi Tone
White Wires (Ottowa CA) - Poppy Canadian act that didn't really grab me. Others found it was their Gonerfest favourite.

Ex Cult (Memphis) 
 Formerly Sex Cult, but had to change their name, they were described as "The Eddy Current Suppression Ring of Memphis". It's fairly apt.

Persuaders (New Orleans) 
King Louie fronts this three piece that includes two flying V's that V-off each other. Great songs, amazing presence. The guy has just got it. They said they mucked up their best song, but I was blind to it. One of my favourites.

GG King (Atlanta)
The only other band I really couldn't watch.

Mad Macka (Brisbane)
I suppose you'd call this Australian styled pub rock and roll by a guy who looks like a bogan in a chesty bond singlet.  But it was intense and slightly scary from this Onyas guy-mainly because it looks like he's gonna glass you. But what seems like normal for this Australian was unique to the American audience. This was the only act of it's kind and the crowd really dug this.
no chesty bonds here

Spits (Seattle)
Easily described as Ramones styled punk rock. Except these guys are wearing costumes and make up. The crowd dug it.

After Party at the Buccaneer
Manatees (Memphis)
Screamy Memphian punk issues band impresses and moves some.

Cyclops (San Francisco)
Fun 2 piece band where both members wear a giant eye on their heads as the lady drummer sings lead and guitar fills in the gaps. A bit of fun.

Missing Monuments (New Orleans)
These guys started at maybe 4, going through until 5-5:30 and pumped out the best set of the Non Goner Fest bands, and perhaps even the Goner fest bands.  Great songs, awesome lead guitar moments, and King Louie owns being the anti hero frontman.

Hamish Kilgour
I only caught a song but it seemed that Hamish had written a song about being in Memphis. 

Reverend Wilkins
I thought that I might not be moved because I'd seen it before, but I was wrong. The Reverend Wilkins bought his 2 daughters and grandaughter and a band with him. Played almost the same set as he did a year ago and it was still brilliant. Engaging, moving, real, they had the crowd clapping along.

As the man[maybe Ross Johnson] who introduced Jeffery Evans on Thursday evening looked around the audience, he made one observation; "Man there's a lot of white people here!" The crowd laughed because it's true. Gonerfest is such a white festival, but in Memphis the majority of its residents are black. So as music tourists, we come from all over the world to get a glimpse of Memphis culture during Gonerfest.  Gospel Soul is an important and awesome inclusion for a rock and roll festival and it was refreshing to have some variety in the line up.

Sorry for my paltry review as  I was reliant on my memory since I was too lazy to make notes but I can say this. I LOVE MEMPHIS. And Gonerfest was fun, I saw 37 bands in 4 days and I still didn't manage to see it all!  it had a consistently high standard of music and it was great to meet all those awesome people who are positively crazy about music in a town that loves it.

Attending Gonerfest - Stuff for next time:
 1) Make notes on the same day of the gig! After some time, one band blends into another... Never rely on your memory.  
2) Don't go too hard too early or you'll miss out on the good stuff that happens at the end. Gonerfest is gruelling so pace yourself.
3) Get a whole lotta people together to share cabs
4) Make it down to Shangri La, Xanadu and the Drum Shop
5) Mix up your activities because Memphis is a great place to do and see stuff.
6) Stay at Holiday Inn
7) Don't order a hash brown and a potato pancake for breakfast since they're almost the same thing
8) It costs $1 for the trolley and 1.75 for the bus
9) Check out WEVL again
Thank you Goner for Gonerfest 9