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August 2012 gigs

 147. Tyrannamen, Alley Oop and the Hoopsters, Bits of Shit - Cut Sleeves LP launch, Grace Darling, 3/8/2012.
Tyrannamen have strong songs that reach right into the heart of you. Others around me called it  power pop, laced with garage: think Royal Headache but better. And, it's definitely got some kinda Memphian twang in there. You'll find yourself agreeing with the others, this is an exciting band. Alley Oop and the Hoopsters did their bit to rev the crowd up for the Cut Sleeves launch. The room was full for Bits of Shit who were ridiculous and fantastic. It was perhaps their tightest, best sounding and best performed gig I've ever seen them pull together. Kudos to BOSMC.
Bits of Shit Music Club House rules

148. Blisshammer[feat Ricky Maymi, Shayne Carter, JP Shilo & Sacha Lucas, St Jeromes Resurrection, 8/8/2012.
Shane Carter is from the Straitjacket Fits, Ricky Maymi  is from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, JP Shilo is JP Shilo,and I'm not sure who Sascha Lucas is but he's probably awesome right?  Yes, there's a massive degree of cred on stage here, playing guitar textures with plenty of space, and layers. There's notes, but not tunes.  Music outside of typical genres can be surprising, interesting, can open up a whole new aural experiences.  And sometimes it's a little underwhelming -especially for those who don't understand the form.

149. Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ The Retreat 10/8/2012

A new line up tonight featuring on of my favourites: Ken Eavel on the bass, Richie 1250 and the BOCs have some top songs, are highly entertaining and seem to attract a crowd of people that love to dress up outrageously. Guitarist, Steph Brett breaks her high E string, but it doesn't matter. Her guitar stylings are captivating. Richie puts heart and soul into performance, and everybody seems to be having lots of fun.

150. Heavy Beach Yah Yahs, 10/8/2012
I'm told that Heavy Beach is a band formerly known as Ferrytails.

151. The Morrisons, The Tote 11/8/2012
How could a band that was so kinda lame be so good. The band from Batemans Bay are on fire with their short, sharp punk stylings. Maybe it's a new Jazzmaster? Who really knows?

152. Exhaustion, Repairs, Pearls Bar Open 16/8/2012
 Exhaustion are a three piece drums and bass focussed group with guitar noise cascading over the rhythm section. Repairs are a synth heavy group [3], with a singer drowning in reverb. Pearls are a dark pop group. The influences my friends & I noted were; David Lynch, Roy Orbison, Girl Group and Rowland S Howard . The guitarist has 2 guitars and 9 pedals. Excellent songs. Divine to my ears. Highly enjoyable winter music in the night.

153. King Salami and the Cumbersome I mean Cumberland 3, Johnny Casino Off The Hip 17/8/2012
Instore at Off The Hip
King Salami and the Cumberland Three have all the good moves, all the right poses and some great concepts. They're a fun time party band. But Johnny Casino has all the good songs, and playing with Spanish band Los Secretos, it's tight, it's cool, and really Australian sounding! Johnny Casino owns it.

154. UV Race, Bitch Prefect, Liberty Social Club 17/8/2012
UV Race bring their funtime fayre, and lead singer Marcus gets topless. Bitch Prefect play to a well attended room, and seem to have great swag of really catchy indie pop songs. There's nothing here to hate, unless you're a hipster hater.

155. Swingin' Nutsacks, Johnny Casino y Los Secretos 18/8/2012
A lot of Nutsacks
Swinging' Nutsacks deliver a solid performance doing their rock, pop and punk covers and singer Eric does a sterling job at So Fucked Up. Johnny Casino and Los Secretos do the same as they did on Friday night, but for longer.  Still impressive.
Wet Lips

156. Wet Lips, Valley Girls, Quince, Gasometer 19/8/2012
Wet Lips play their second and their best gig. Valley Girls are  a two piece [drum and guitar] and play 50's rock and roll songs fast and nicely sloppy. Quince are a 4 piece band of suburban rockers who seem to be inspired by garage sounds and 70's/early 80's Australian punk. The kids are alright.

157.  Mangel Wurzel, The Zoobombs, Bar Open 19/8/2012
Mangel Wuzel
Mangel Wurzel are an all women band 2 months old, who radiate the vibe of rock and roll high school. A bit hippy, a bit punk, rough songs, and great vocalist who can scream, sing and let it rip. Tokyo's The Zoobombs impress with their thoroughly intense rock and roll set.  Sometimes it got funky, which I didn't care for, but they are the kind of band you see once in a while that reminds you of what performance and stage presence can be.

Zoobombs have a captive audience

158. Breadmakers, King Salami and the Cumberland Three, Cherry 21/8/2012
Breadmakers do their Garage/R & B thing, and they sound as if they're off one of those 1960's garage compilations full of obscure bands. As the crowd warmed, so too did they, and by the end, everyone was seemingly having a great time. Special mention to the curly leaded twangin' guitar and amazing bass. King Salami and the Cumberland Three bought their party vibes for the hospitality crowd.Tuesday being their Saturday night so there was some big dancing on the floor Tight and light, they entertained but I reckon they could probably make some money being a kids band.

159. Ross de Chene Hurricanes, Kim Salmon, Obits, Northcote Social Club 24/8/2012
I was disappointed I missed Bad Vision, one of Melbourne's newest and cooler bands. For me, Ross de Chene Hurricanes are a light weight 2 piece polished up, garage band without any guitar tricks. Perfect on JJJ, but not great in this setting.  Next on stage was Kim Salmon, joined by Mike Stranges on drums. As soon as Salmon struck the guitar strings, you could hear and see all the bullshit blowing out of the room. Salmon did a rock set on electric guitar, and played with fierce level intensity, doing classics and unknowns. It was jaw droppingly good. A reminder that Salmon plays broad range of music styles that sometimes goes beyond my understanding, but that he is a true artist. and this was one of the best sets I've seen him play. All these bands were supporting Brooklyn's Obits, a 4 piece that just do rock and roll. 2 guitars, a bubbling bass and no-nonsense drums. You can't really argue with it. They play again on Tuesday at the Tote.

160. Deaf Wish 2am show Pony 25/8/2012
 For some reason I thought the 2am show would start at 2am, but in true rock and roll style it wasn't on time. So by the time the stage was set, the soundcheck was done, I was perhaps the most tired yet sober person in the house. Then Deaf Wish started. Jensen's crackly vocals, light guitar and crash. There's no turning back. They're loud, dark, intense, and rockin'.  Deaf Wish have 3 singers, 2 play guitar, the other plays bass. Although Deaf Wish are the kind of Australian band that are more popular overseas, they've got a small following of fans here, really getting into their sound. Sometimes it's anthemic punk, sometimes pop, and other times it's swirling noise but it seems to be all their own style. By the end, the room was divided into believers and non believers: But even the guy in his 60's wearing googly eyed glasses, smelling like aromatic herbs is getting into it, tapping his toes, moving his legs although he had  a walking stick.Yes this gig has it all; crowd surfing by the lady guitarist, Indian's dancing in the front row, referrals to sucking cat diarrhoea- that is grotesque, but this was a good gig.

161. Bits of Shit, Ghetto Ghetto Godzilla Bar 25/8/2012
Godzilla bar is a pop up bar in Clifton Hill, the remnants of an old pub complete with parts of the building stacked inside making for a dramatic entrance. Inside is the cut price bar/ bandroom leading out to the airport style smoking area. In ways, I like the savvy of the owners: on paper it's an underground styled bar with cool bands and cheap drinks. Yet the real experience does not match the bigger idea, so it made for a weird gig.  Bits of Shit are one of my favourites, but here it was- as a  friend described: "weird". Smoke machine, DJ's playing international rock and roll by numbers,  dude with dreads, standing up the front commanding a 1 mtr radius due to his flying dreads, young women in bras and knickers serving shots, limo rides to the venue, bitch fights in the toilets and worst of all, a terrible mix savaging The Cramps, then cutting them off. At one point it was hipster versus hippie. No this is not a melting pot, but a trouble spot. I've never been to a live music venue where there was so much potential for violence.  Bits of Shit did their best - playing 1.5 sets, but I couldn't help feel weighed down by the other factors. Ghetto Ghetto sounded like a version of Jet. That's all I can say about the bands.

162. Mesa Cosa, Obits, The Tote, 28/8/2012 

 Mesa Cosa bought the party but no-one really seemed to be in the mood. I only caught the last two songs of Obits 1.5 hour tour- their last show for the Australian tour, and they gave everything they could.

163. Steph Brett The Sugar Fed Leopards, The Old Bar, Tuesday 28/8/2012
Steph Brett impressed the audience with her fiddle player, and bass player, whilst she sang and played guitar. Doing acoustic and country styles, putting a show including pea shooting competitions, Steph Brett has got it. But will anyone ever understand? This is one of Melbourne's most overlooked artist.

164. Murlocs, The Living Eyes, Baptism of Uzi, Ausmuteants The Tote 31/8/2012

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