Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 2012 gigs

180. Los Straitjackets, The Bell House, 5/10/2012
Los Straitjackets are an instrumental surf/60's/Mexican inspired band that wear black suits and Mexican wrestling masks. Nashville musical masters with a big sense of fun and entertainment, they sport silver Dipinto guitars and have synchronised dance moves. They are a highly polished act that builds and builds. The audience member can't get bored because it's all too fun. They commence their set with a poppy, melancholy song, only to work their way into more luau style party rock songs. At intervals they include a singer, who did a Tom Jones cover, and River Deep Mountain High, in bad Tuxedos. Notably he was told not to bring his drink on stage, or he had to drink it! Founding member Danny Amis joined the group half way through the set and the second encore, and the crowd applauded loudly. The gimmicky highlight was during the encore when the drummer moved centre stage, and appeared to tap dance whilst drumming. Style and substance, Los Straitjackets have got it. A solid act.
Yes they've even got a gong

Danny Amis AKA "Daddy-O-Grande"

A whole lot of Di Pinto

181. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, The Grand Prospect, Brother Hamm and The Pentecostals, The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, 7/10/2012
I was unable to take much notice of the supports, but I suppose you'd call them upbeat country styled music.

I was here for Holly Golightly, having enjoyed her albums, and work in the Headcoatees. Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs is basically Holly Golightly performing with Lawyer Dave. They live in Georgia and rescue horses during the day. And they write songs together, including ones about neighbours. Holly Golightly has a sparkling wit that nobody can deny! Although English, she does folk music really well. They performed a long set-a list that Holly could not read as she didn't wear her glasses on stage. She herself said she was too vain for that. Lawyer Dave played drums and guitar, mostly using  a slide. Holly played rhythm guitar and both sang harmonies. That is all I can recall....

182, Spinning Rooms, The Tote 13/10/2012

183. Big Freedia, The Tote 17/10/2010
The Tote is like a cool Lesbian club and there's a shit load of booty shaking.

184.  Constant Mongrel, Deaf Wish, The Tote, 20/10/2012

185. Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Clits, Autumn Splendour, Yah Yahs 21/10/2012

186.Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee Yah Yahs 30/10/2012
Awesome songwriting that'll never fail to impress me. Real life drama when SPJ walked off stage, seemlingly due to Kim Volkman taking the intiative to sing backing vocals.