Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 gigs


187. Tondo, Gaso, 1/11/2012
Their first gig ever, mostly instrumental included two fiddles, 1 guitar, 1 sax, drums, keys/synth guy. Kinda jazzy.

188. Maggotfest, Gaso, 2/11/2012-3/11/2012
I guess you could say this is the Melbourne version of Gonerfest. Heaps of new, or young bands, of the punk, garage, hardcore persuasion. All very cool. Yes, it is hipster city. But there's some substance going on here- for some of the bands. Most ran on time, it ran over three days [but I only caught 1.5]. Here's a quick rundown of what I caught:
Soma Coma
A blistering set by a screamy guy band, mostly punk and harcore with pop moments. Short songs.

dark and blurry
Hard to remember, but also seemed like a screamy band.

4 piece poppy act, but not catchy.
Raw Nerves

Raw Nerves
As a friend said, thank fuck! Finally a good band... Poppy,  upbeat, energetic  short songs, with a cool guitar player, and although the lead singers guitar failed during the set, it was a good one. Totally worth buying the album. Kiwi band.

Hard for me to be objective, as these guys are an *almost in this little scene* all star party band who have got the moves, the sounds and the songs. They almost never play so catch these guys when you can.

Kitchens Floor
So busy upstairs I missed this Brisbane act.

Raw Prawn
So busy upstairs I mostly missed this Sydney act. But what I heard - it was both energetic, and poppy with an edge.

Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish
4 piece Melbourne band who wowed audiences overseas and are playing gigs and getting more recognition now. There's three types of songs: dark songs, flat out punk songs, interesting rock songs perhaps all representing the *assumed* various writers. But together they patch together a set that works cohesively, and it's LOUD. This was not as brilliant as their last Tote gig, but it was good. During the end of the set, there was a punch on by a drunk patron[throwing punches at anyone]. The security guards had to pin him to the ground. This was the first time I have ever seen violence at a gig.

The Stevens
They played a tough time - still daylight, and almost just after waking time if you had a big night before. I usually love this band but their performance was flat, their new songs were good. They played older songs towards the end, but sounded very bored with them.

East Link
At the time I remember liking it but can't remember it.
Useless Eaters

Useless Eaters
This guy  Seth from Memphis was backed by a Melbourne band - and it was 70's inspired punk, pretty tight, though there were complaints you couldn't hear the bass.Seth can play, and had good songs. If they're playing around town GO SEE THEM. You won't be disappointed... I think.

Leather Towel
Again can't remember the specifics, but I did like them much more than I thought I would for Melbourne's  [or Geelong's?] best or worst named band.

Straightjacket Nation
A hardcore act that everyone that I knew suggested I see. Short screamy songs - that's almost all I can remember.. Also dudes everywhere in the mosh unleashing repressed homosexual tendencies with the body on body bashing about. As it finished, a friend said it would be good if they played a song.

Helta Skelta
Can't remember but I thought it was good.

In all it was a well organised festival, that promises all the bands YOU SHOULD know about, where dare I say it, it could be more expensive. For the punter, the cheaper it is, the less likely one is compelled to see everything - or perhaps it's got to do with my own laziness. It seemed that some bands had sound difficulties, or bought no back up guitars. I think a different venue with a large outdoor area with loads of toilets and multiple bars would be good for this event next year, but this was the best Maggot fest I've been to. I can't wait for next years...

189. Dacios, Messed Up, Cup Day Kaos, Ding Dong, 6/11/2012
Linda from the Dacio's tears it up with her raw rock stylings, and they've got a new bassist plus new songs. Messed Up do their Vivian Girls styled pop songs, drenched in reverb, and the drummer seems to play for her life.

190. Eastlink, Deaf Wish, Kitchen's Floor, Northcote Social Club, 6/11/2012
I've seen this band a few times and fail to remember their sound. What I can tell you is that it's Al from all those other bands and four guitarists. Deaf Wish take intensity to a new level and I can understand why people love this band, even claiming them to be the best band in Melbourne, lots of sounds and heaps of substance. They're a hard act to follow but Kitchen's Floor bring their sloppy-poppy songs to Melbourne.

191. The City Lights, The Bowers, The Old Bar 10/11/2012
The City Lights played their brand of power pop and they did it well. The Bowers did the same thing, but in their way. Two solid sets.

192. Julitha Ryan, Yah Yahs 11/11/2012
Julitha Ryan has a 9 piece band that includes a horn section, string section, rhythm section, a guy playing acoustic guitar, and Julitha on two layers of keyboards, singing. She is a Melbourne soul singer, but not in that quirky Clairy Brown kinda way. More adult contemporary-dark and sultry - been around the traps kinda thing. With a deep and husky voice, and supporting cast, Julitha provides a musical experience that I'm sure has an audience.  This would be a suitable gig for a sit down style venue that serves food- like the old Continental.

193. Izzy Cox, Grumpy's 14/11/2012
 Austin singer songwriter teams up with Billy Pommer Jr and Kim Volkmann to play two sets. She blends country with cabaret and she does it well, and has an incredible voice and a strong personality which sets her apart.  The band before them were positively not my bag.

194. Ratssak, Red Krovvy,  Useless Eaters, The Old Bar, 20/11/2012
 Ratssak are a 3 piece DIY punk [minus safety pins and mohawks - more hip] band. Useless Eaters are similar but with a female lead screamer who is also the Pop Singles drummer. Useless Eaters may have been set back due to sound problems, but this was throughly cool and enjoyable.

195. St Jude, The Old Bar, 20/11/2012
Alt country band with big harmonies and pop moments plays to a packed Old Bar. This gig was free due to the Johnston Street Fiesta.

196. Wiley Red Fox, The Old Bar. 20/11/2012
 Think indie pop Belle and Sebastian styled, played by a four piece band, fronted by a lead singer songwriter. Impressed by the songs: really melancholy at times, but deliciously pop.

197. The Night Terrors, Thematica, Goblin, 21/11/2012

198. Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, YIS, High Fangs, Yah Yahs 24/11/2012
Richie 1250 and The BOC are in fine form, ahead of their launch in a weeks time. YIS had a replacement bassist and new awesome guitarist and have gone from being "yeah" good to "wow I'm impressed" good. Their next gig's at Pony for the closing day/night celebration. High Fangs delivered power pop in stripey shirts for their album launch. At times they were joined by a wild man on maraccas or tambourine.

199. Jack on Fire, The Dianas, Grace Darling, 25/11/2012
Jack on Fire have that dark country rock vibe, and performed at least a couple of new songs. The Dianas are a Perth band, all female, drums, guitar and bass with lots of delicious harmonies. Sweet pop.

200. St Jude, The Old Bar 25/11/2012
Country rock 5 piece complete their November residency at the Old Bar.

201. Plague Doctor Old Bar, 28/11/2012
Plague Doctor have newer big, big songs.