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December 2012 gigs

202. Vice Grip Pussies, Barbarion, The Reverence Hotel, Footscray 29/11/2012
Someone said Ugly Kid Joe, referring to VGP. Young dudes, lotsa energy and questionable taste, but they seem to really love what they do.

203. Smudge play The Modern Lovers, Pure Pop 1/12/2012
Kinda boring, kinda enjoyable, great to hear Modern Lovers tunes played in real life by a real band.

204. Elvis Angels, The Night Party, The Murlocs, Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ, The Old Bar, 1/12/2012
Elvis cover group Midnite Bosom AKA Elvis Angels do sultry Elvis covers. This group has two great vocalists and guitar accompaniment. The Night Party are a two piece bluesy band [think John Spencer inspired] and one of them happens to be the cousin of star of the evening, Richie 1250.  Surfie looking outfit The Murlocs come on stage and do a set, then leave. A friend asks me "is it just me, or are even the Murlocs bored with their set these days?" Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ are launching their album the Terrifying Splendour or R1250 BOC and tonight they're all dressed up like the band of  weirdos they truly are, and they play the best set I've ever seen them play. First, side A, then there's a break featuring Simone Page Jones who does some interpretive dance, sings some operatic thing, then strips. It was all kinda breathtaking. Then Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ return to the stage to do side B.

204. Asps, Fatti Frances, Gaso 2/12/2012
Asps - one lady on vocals, another on a machine, and another guy sitting on an amp [was he twisting a knob?] Fatti Frances sings into a mic with her pre-programmed beats. The vibe? kinda like a dark R & B thing with the made in the bedroom aesthetic. On top of this: a shit load of dry ice and lasers.

205. Pretty Things, The Corner Hotel 4/12/2012
Kinda like an oldies show, and the guitarist Dick Taylor wows with his awesome guitar skills, but in the blues set,  has a finger cramp making you realise that these guys are actually really old. There's at least three generations here. Even more impressive that they can arrive in Australia from a long haul and play the very next day. Anyway John Staxx joined them, the crowd mainly adored them - it was their first show in Australia ever and many bought their records to get signed which the guys from the Pretty Things were happy to do, although not many T Shirts were sold.

Blues Set

Set List

With John Staxx

Greeting fans

206. Dozers, The Old Bar 8/12/2012
Sounds like a grunge type band to me.

207.  Mangles, Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project Yah Yahs 5/12/2012
Mangles are an all guy band that do Bangles covers. Yes The Bangles did have some really killer songs, all mangled by the Mangles but props to the drummer in his nighty and electric drumkit. Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation are Guy Blackman of Chapter Records and Marcus R of The UV Race and their funny little songs with a keyboard backing. Sounds shit, but I like it anyway.

208. Wrong Turn, The Pretty Things, Midnight Woolf, Norton benefit, The Old Bar  15/12/2012
2 piece Wrong Turn have become a 3 piece that play I suppose you'd call it R & B songs, but sound like a bluesy rock trio. I heard on grapevine that 3PBS veteran DJ Phil MacDougall caught The Pretty Things at the Caravan Music Club, told them he was a radio DJ and just did a special on Norton Records. Apparently The Pretty Things are Norton friends and supporters, and Phil told them about the Norton benefit held by Off The Hip records on Saturday night. The Pretty Things had a vacancy in their schedule, and the very next day, The Pretty Things contacted Off The Hip thanks to Phil's referral and all the sudden they're playing this benefit. Why this story? Because it's often those people behind the scenes, getting out and about, having chats and before you know it shit's happening. Yes I love these stories of the movers and shakers. So The Pretty Things arrive at the Old Bar about five minutes before they were due to arrive on stage, play, kill it with a blistering set including Come See Me, S.F. Sorrow, LSD, Midnight to Six Man, Can't Judge a Book and many more, and then head off! The youngest ones stayed of course. The make up of the band: two original members [Dick Taylor guitar and  Phil May vocals] and everyone else is younger. Someone I know mentioned it was a little Status Quo, but the main difference is that Status Quo are not a band who have songs I'd want to listen to right? This was a remarkable gig, in a tiny venue, and there was no sign tonight that this was an oldies band. After The Pretty Things played, Midnight Wolf followed with their wildman guitar sounds and palatable rock songs.
The Pretty Things arrive

to a packed Old Bar

And the crowd loves it

209. Chris Russell's Chickenwalk, The Bowers, The Tote 21/12/2102
 A lot of people are here for this pre-Christmas event. Unfortunately I missed Wrong Turn but the crowd are suitably impressed by CRCW. The Bowers master Melbourne power pop. Good songs and a good band.

210. White Walls, The Tote, 22/12/2012
So much hype around White Walls, but to me they sound like a grunge band, inspired by bad grunge bands.

211. Vice Grip Pussies, Xmas Party in Brunswick 25/12/2012
Nothing to say here

212. The Ears, The Tote  28/12/2012
 The Band featuring the man whose story inspired Dogs in Space. That's really all I can say except I'm sure the music meant something in a certain place and time.

213. Bluebottles, LuWow 29/12/2012
 If 60's surf guitar is your thing, The Bluebottles are for you. A brothers band, and everyone can play their instruments so well. Very tight, very fun.

214. Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Juke Joint at the Old Bar 29/12/2012
This was a benefit gig for that radio station called 3PBS, I believe they're a community radio station, and two of the stations identities: Matt Frederick from the Juke Joint program and Sam Wass from the Marketing department both had the experience of going to the US in 2012 and going to a real Juke Joint. They thought it would be fun to find a bunch of local blues artists and set up an event in the style of a Juke Joint. The line up was big but unfortunately I only got to catch one act: Two piece Chris Russell's Chicken Walk.  In 2012, Chris Russell's stocks have risen. An album was released, airplay followed and all the sudden his gigs have gone from 15 people in the Labour in Vain, to sold out!! I'm happy for him, he seems to love what he does, has worked hard to do it, and he strikes me as a nice guy.
A queue at the Old Bar?

Yes a queue at the Old Bar which felt like it lasted all night

In all, the event was successful. I heard there were 192 payers which is good for the venue, the station and hopefully the bands.

215. Totally Mild, Gaso, 30/12/2012
Indie pop from a indie hip 4 piece. Kinda St Vincent styled. Good songs.

216. Charles Jenkins, The Standard Hotel 31/12/2012

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