Monday, March 4, 2013

March 2013 gigs

31.Tyrannamen, Bone, Bits of Shit, The Curtin 1/3/2013
Tyrannamen have great poppy, catchy songs, and I like them. Bone was a little sludgier, and slower. And Bits of Shit were classic BOS, but for some weird reason I didn't feel it on this night.

32. Some old timey 3 piece whose name I did not catch,  The Vic, 3/3/2013
These guys [Banjo; guitar; double bass] were alright.

33. P. Bippy, Les Tuilles Roses,  High Fangs, Burger Records Global Gig-A-Thon, The Tote 9/3/2013
It's a heatwave - the hottest stretch since 1961 in Melbourne. Everyone's left town for Golden Plains, or they're at The Curtin. P Bippy, is one man on stage, playing electric guitar. Yes it's singer-songwriter and his style is somewhere between James McCann and Darren Hanlon, but of course it's his own. He even does a song about being on the 86 tram. The Pink Tiles are masquerading as Les Tuilles Roses which apparently is a French translation for The Pink Tiles. I'm not entirely sure why they did this, but here they play their second official gig, and fumble on this hot night. High Fangs are one tight three piece with a loose man on percussion, capable of bringing the party.
Les Tuilles Roses

High Fangs
34. The Spazzy's, Red Kross, The Espy frontbar, 12/3/2013
 Tonight, the Spazzy's are tight - good harmonies, strong pop songs, good arrangements, tough delivery.  I ask: critics, what are you complaining about? Red Kross deliver a loud performance, playing punk and power pop to a stripey T shirt wearing audience. The crowd really got into it, and why not? Red Kross deliver in the way you wish you could...

35. The Pink Tiles, Nun of the Tongue, Messed Up, Wet Lips, The Tote, 13/3/2013
The Pink Tiles play their third gig. One voice in the crowd said they really need to work on their beginnings and their endings - as in start and finish at the same time, listen to each other, play together, and be prepared at the designated time they are due to go on. So this should give you a clear picture: The Pink Tiles are a 5 piece sloppy pop band with songs that tend not to exceed 2 minutes. Nun of The Tongue are a three piece punk pop outfit with new songs and it's alright! Messed Up are the third band on for their residency, and they sound polished garagey pop. Wet Lips end the night with their garagey-punk songs. I heard Wet Lips started up, when the singer and the bassist saw The Beat Disease, and were inspired to form their own band! I'm told it's their first gig at The Tote, and they're sounding good.

36.Trash Faeries, Les Minijupes + Ultra Bullitt, Bar Open 15/3/2013
Trash Faeries are a 5 piece young dude band, that cross genre terrains. At times they sound a little Nirvana, and have a helping of slap bass. Then there's those moments of Jack Johnson beachiness. And then there's a  moment of Calypso. Note: 2 acoustic guitars, 2 band members with no shoes. There were lots of styles going on, but there appeared to be no musical thread between Trash Faeries, and the other two bands Les Minijupes [Australian's doing French music] and UltraBullitt [French doing Australian style rock]. Les Minijupes is a female fronted group, who cover 1960's French pop, they have a guitarist who I'm told looks like Serge Gainsbourg, and a cool drummer. There's a lot of style here. Great guitar, great vocals, great harmonies and solid bass. They perform to a crowd and this here is a good band playing good songs. Ultra Bullitt are a 3 piece band from France that play foot to the floor rock and roll. And they really delivered for at least 45-60 minutes, one very tight, solid set, with almost no breaks. Bass, Drums, scorching guitar & 2 vocalists, they gave a whole lot.  My rock and roll friends felt it was the best band they'd seen in ages, but it was such a shame, they traveled all this to play to a room that only a handful of people in it.  The ironic thing is that they kinda got an Australian treatment....Being the best band in the world at that moment playing to a tiny crowd.

37. Mesa Cosa, Shadow Electric, Abbotsford Convent 16/3/2013
Mesa Cosa blow the roof off the Abbotsford convent [not literally] during the daylight on this very rainy afternoon.

38.Ruthie Foster, The Corner Hotel, 17/3/2013
OK I was at this gig because my mum wanted to go to this so I went with her. Ruthie is from Austin Texas, and is a singer with Gospel roots, but she does a whole heap of blues and roots styles. Ruthie plays acoustic guitar and CAN sing. Backed by her keyboardist, her very funky five string electric bass player [who made me rethink how bad slap bass really is, and crazy eyed drummer with so much rhythm, this was an interesting gig. Some might call this watered down of all the styles they represent, cross over, adult contemporary, bland and so on, but there was absolutely no doubting, there was real talent here, and the all female rhythm section were astounding.

39. D-Grades, Big Tobacco, Dane Certificate's Magic Shop, 21/3/2013
D-Grades have some catchy pop songs with a strong 90's melodic indie rock vibe, Big Tobacco do too, but it's a bit  cleaner than the former. All this plus a smoke machine in a magic shop.

40.  Carrie Phillis & The Downtown 3, The Spasms, The Ears,  Off The Hip, 22/3/2013
 Carrie Phillis has raw attitude as the front woman for her band, and with Johnny Casino on guitar, my Lord. Was there something special here or was it just me? The Spasms kinda sound Wild Billy Childish-ish and I thought their brand of garage punk was fun. During their set which turned out to be their first gig ever, smoke streamed out of one of the PA speakers. Finally The Ears played, and half the crowd had left. A disappointed friend or family member attempted to nag attendees back in to the shop.

41. Woollen Kits, Justin Fuller, Ooga Boogas, Shadow Electric @ The Abbotford Convent 23/3/2013
 Woollen Kits are sounding good this afternoon, with their sweet indie pop. I must admit, feel sorry for the drummer that must sing. Justin Fuller is twitching knobs, pushing buttons, and making a lot of noise. Yes, it was noise and I know a lot of people who like and understand it. The Ooga Boogas  remind me of Ween. Mainly because they cover a lot of music styles with flair and they are very funny. Today  they're launching their album and playing really well.

42. Tyrannamen, house/shop on Johnston Street, Collingwood for All's Good in the Wood, 24/3/2013 
I really do love Tyrannamen's songs and their delivery to the extent that I wish I could be a Tyrrannamen. It's a  ludicrous idea I know, but with their awesome playing, cool arrangements, catchy lyrics, ace melodies, and equally brilliant harmonies, they really are my favourite pop band in town.

43. Milk Teddy,  Scott and Charlene's Wedding,  Gaso, 27/3/2013
Milk Teddy, a four piece pop outfit that borrows moments from 80's synth pop  to fit their jangly guitars and melody based songs. I like it. Scott and Charlene's Wedding has a different line up this time around - there's two guys but it's all pretty good electrified indie pop singer songwriter accompanied by drums.

44. Sheriff, Messed Up, The Tote, 27/3/2013
Looking around the room and seeing the , Sheriff strikes me as a  dude rock band, with a blues swagger, suited for a pub in the 'burbs think:The Ferntree Gully Hotel, Lower Plenty Hotel, St Andrews Hotel or The Espy on a Sunday. Messed Up play their final residency gig with fervour and originality, and it feels like that everyone who witnesses it is smiling greatly.

45. The Infants, The Old Bar, 27/3/2013
There's the biggest bass amp I've ever seen at the Old Bar on stage. A hard band to describe. Female vocals delivered in the distinctive style of the singer from Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah,  funky bass... all together it's got that  JJJ style pop sound to it.

46. Bum Creek, Divorced, The Tote, 28/3/2013
Bum Creek do a brand of music using synths, pedals, distortion and more. The style is  really uncategorisable, pushing boundaries, perhaps it's the future of pop. In 2013, it's a challenging listen. Divorced are a good band featuring two guitarists that have such great guitar sounds, so sharp the mere sound could cut stale organic sourdough bread. Yes, that sharp. I really like their sound - it's like an attack of indie rock spunk-if there's such a thing. In my mind, this band breaks out of being just another bunch of coolsies, to just a fine band.

47. Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Go-Devils,  Tav Falco's Panther Burns, The Tote, 30/3/2013
Tonight, they're Steph Brett-less, but The Brides of Christ are still on fire, featuring a singer who plays percussion in Midnite Bosom. It all sounds good and some might say they're the strongest act of the night.  The Go-Devils are a three piece Japanese girl group who play R & B. One audience member remarks "They're very sexy", but I'm sure they'd prefer that they're "rockin'". Tav Falco's Panther Burns start off a bit shakey and it's sounding like Magic 1278 meets beautiful weirdo's of the world - but this is the live tribute show. From the man who bought us Art damage seems to be staying true to those principles but tonight it doesn't really take off. How I love Tav Falco.

48. Carry Nation,  Tim Richmond + band, The Ancients, YahYahs, 31/3/2013
Delicate indie pop for the middle classes that live in the inner north. Carry Nation is a solo singer-songwriter, singing songs from her heart. Tim Richmond adds a little more lightness to his set, and is backed by a band complete with backing vocals. The Ancients bring good songs and some great guitar sounds to round off this quiet indie pop night.

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  1. should get around to seeing The Summervilles - sure they would deliver some rad punk live!