Monday, May 6, 2013

May 2013 gigs

Early Women

60. Early Woman, Peak Twins, The Tote, 3/5/2013
Early Woman are an impressive four piece, two women, two men, all wearing sparkling clothes, and have pizzazz to boot. Their sound is very cool too with dark, twisted lyrics and loads of expression and a good measure of space. Apparently their drummer debuts this night, she works for the songs, and it's sounding good.  Do I dare say that Peak Twins are the best band of the Melbourne indie scene in 2013? Quite easily. Top songs, cool arrangements, brilliant harmonies, percussion with a purpose and some awesome guitar just to bring it on home. Peak Twins are the real deal.

61. Les Minijupes, D Grades, Pink Tiles GB 11/6/2013
 A trio of various pop bands

62. Spencer Jones and the Escape Committee Labour in Vain 12/6/2013

For the first time in about three years I have not kept a running log of the bands I've seen so I shall merely write a list of the things I can remember that I saw in May.....

63. Chook Race, The Clits. The Tote 8/5/2013
64.The Towelheads, The Bonniwells, Tapewolf, The Grace Darling
65. The Clits, See Saw, The Bonniwells, The Pink Tiles The Tote 22/5/2013
66. Spencer Jones at Labour
67.The Pink Tiles, The Bluebottles, The Retreat 26/5/2013
68. Bored Nothing, Bad//Dreems, The Pink Tiles, The Ocean Party, Gaso, 31/5/2013

Surely I went to more than 8 gigs this month?

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