Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 2013 gigs

69. Pronto & Les Minijupes at Pink Tiles Residency Gaso upstairs 5/6/2013
A bout of sickness has meant I haven't been able to get out as much and see bands but I must have forgotten how much fun it is to see a band who cares more about having fun than anything else, and that proves to be the right medicine.  I said it, I meant it and I'm talking about Pronto. 5 people that have a mid-late 70's punk thing happening and they do it well. One person in the audience said "if this was the 80's the kids would have been up the front dancing, mind you they probably would have been on drugs too". Les Minijupes bring their 60's style pop to The Gaso and have a new member: a keyboard player with an amp that looks like it could have been part of great nanna's loungeroom. They're awesome. Pink Tiles also play a set. It's their fourth last ever set together I hear. Even if you're not a Pink Tiles fan, the line up for the month is pretty good and it's an early start and a free night too...

Les Minijupes
70.Constant Light, Fabels, Yah Yahs 7/6/2013
 Constant Light are a 2 piece electro outfit that seem like they started the group in the bedroom, and bought it to  the stage. It's camp, it's electro - dance, there's vocals with conviction and it's fun. I mean really fun. Fabels are a two piece from Sydney with some Jesus and Mary Chain moments. Some good sounds happening.

71. Stella Angelico and new band + Prudence Rees-Lee, Curtin 9/6/2013
Stella returns to the stage with a new band and new songs. Her direction is neo-soul and disco inspired. Her presence is truly awesome. Her movement, facial expressions, her costume, her expression, her glorious voice to match and her band are a class act but I feel like her songs need some more hooks. No woman is an island and she is the type of artist who should have torch songs written for her by song-writers in the Brill building in the 60's. Stella is a star in the making, but I feel she just needs the right songs to not just showcase her talents but win audiences over heart and soul. She's totally capable.

With at least 8 people on stage, and a sound like no-one else in Melbourne in 2013,  Prudence Rees-Lee has got a vision which is very well executed. Reminscent of 1960's French vibes,  this is Baroque pop, complete with Nord produced Harpsichord sound with layers of backing vocal harmonies,  Cello, Harp, Bass, Drums, Synth, Electric Guitar, Flute. The lead vocal is perhaps the softest of all that wafts its way through the songs. Alluring, exciting, dynamic, dramatic and oh so powerful, but also seemingly light. It's the sum of the parts that make this work so well, there's so many great ideas going on here and I am gleefully surprised about how good this act is. This was nothing short of divine and I can't wait to listen to my album.

72. Frowning Clouds, King Khan and BBQ show, The Tote 12/6/2013
Frowning Clouds are brilliant with their 5 piece garage rock pop. I love their songs, I love their harmonies, their guitar moments, thumpin' bass lines. They play together and they do it so well. King Khan and BBQ are an interesting pair. BBQ obviously has talent to boot with his unbelievably excellent voice. At the same time, he's singing, he's playing guitar and kick/tambourine. And King Khan has talent but what I suspect that people like about him so much is the charm he possesses.  Together they complement each other perfectly although there does seem to be some animosity between the two it must be said. It was a soul/garage rock/doo wop-ish journey and it was an excellent and long show and the kids went off. I'd love to go tonight to see them play again, with The Frowning Clouds as the backing band.
King Khan and BBQ
King Khan has all the moves
BBQ singing out his soul

73. Pink Tiles, Wet Lips, Kim Salmon, Gasometer Hotel, 12/6/2013
The Pink Tiles play first on this rainy Wednesday night at The Gaso. Surprisingly the room looks at least half full! My sources tell me they sold one cassingle this night. What can I say? Wet Lips are great, inspired by the Riot Girl movement, and with a sound that reflects that but with stories about the here and now. It seems the room is full of young people who are musicians are around town and Kim Salmon it seems is a figure these people look up to, judging by audience facial expressions of awe. Yes I was looking. Creepy isn't it?!

74. Palm Springs, Old Bar 14/6/2013
Following the outcry from the owners of The Old Bar, to come down and drink more beer otherwise they'd be closed this winter, here's a picture of the venue 14/6/2013:

Today they're hosting an outside broadcast for 3CR featuring Tim Nielson and Palm Springs. Although we missed Tim Neilson we caught 3 piece Palm Springs, a group that plays music perfect for winter, with some spectacular dramatic drumming fronted by the singer in Harmony. Husky tones, cool crescendos. That name again. Palm Springs.

75. Chook Race, Velcro, Pink Tiles, Cobra Bar - Tote upstairs, 14/6/2013

76. Spite House, Deep Heat, Deaf Wish 15/6/2013

77. Empat Lima, The Clits, Pink Tiles, The Gas, 19/6/2013
Empat Lima play their second gig ever and claim to do Indonesian pop styles. Their range is broad their abilities are impressive.  They entertain the crowd with their talent and they sound great. The Clits have got their songs and their sound and a unique stage presence which is refreshing and funny. The best thing is, you never know what to expect.
The Clits

78. Beasts of Bourbon Community Cup 23/6/2013
Under the weather, so I missed everything except for this set which I'm told was impressive. I couldn't tell because I was feeling so poorly.  But the crowd loved it.

79. Wind Cheaters, The Pink Tiles, The Electric Guitars, The Gasometer 26/6/2013
Wind Cheaters play their first gig ever. It's a 90's inspired indie pop rock from this outfit. Good stuff. The Pink Tiles play their last gig ever with their full original line up.  The Electric Guitars are a loud "space rock" act, also playing their first gig and they're very impressive.
I don't know how this happened with my camera during the Wind Cheaters

Electric Guitars

80. Sugarfed Leopards, The Clits, Mark Sultan,  LuWow 27/6/2013
Sugarfed Leopards, the vocal pop group wow the audience with their great harmonies, solid songs, all the right moves and more. They do things their own way: for example not only playing live disco songs, complete with harmonies and strings and matching disco dancing, but pulling it off without any doubt they're something special. In my mind, they're a class act.
Sugarfed Leopards

The Clits are a favourite of mine. Tonight they deliver a good set, their banter is hilarious and there's not much more I can say.

The Clits

To listen to to Mark Sultan is to listen to one of the most talented people in 2013. His voice is exceptional: it just soars. It is amazing to me that one person can sing, play guitar, kick and tambourine all at the same time. His songs are great, and his covers are too and he the amazing ability to be dramatic on stage. His Doo Wop sounds sweet and his garage has an frenetic energy.  My only problem with him, is that every time he speaks he comes across as a major turd. Could it have to do with his touring schedule or other aspects of his personal life? Who knows? But not only did he seem to be a difficult person but a rude one too, calling 3 bogan-esque fans in the crowd bogans, after they laughed at him when he spat on his own guitar. Backstory: Sultan was hucking loogies anywhere early in the set and it his one of these three guys earlier in the night.  Memo to Mark Sultan: if they were real bogans, they would have smashed their bottles and glassed you. Yes Sultan, they're just plain fans and you were mean to them for no real reason. I want to like it,  honestly I do, but he just comes across as a rude person, and just because someone seems to have a genuine gift, doesn't mean they can get away with being a major asshole. Dare I say it, I think King Khan softens out BBQ's edges.
Mark Sultan

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