Monday, July 8, 2013

July 2013 gigs

 81. Negative Ego, Empat Lima, Pronto for the Pronto residency Cobra Bar, The Tote, 3/7/2013
Negative Ego play their first gig ever.
Indonesian 60's pop band Empat Lima do a last minute fill-in for High Fangs [potentially they also do their last gig for a long while].
Pronto do a good set for their first gig of their residency.
I like it, and I think their bio is so spot on,  I'm gonna copy/paste it:

Who are PRONTO?
Featuring members of Bad Aches and Chook Race, PRONTO deliver that vintage '77 era punk sound with powerpop nous. Someone once said that PRONTO remind them more of a gang than a band, but a street gang never sounded this sweet, like bubblegum in a leather wrapper. PRONTO play wimpy music for tough kids. See it for yourself every Wednesday this July at The Tote.

81.5 Electrik Dynamite The Tote 3/7/2013
Hair metal with ALL the sounds and trimmings that you could want.

82. The Pink Tiles, Zone Out, Library Siesta, 4/7/2013
The Pink Tiles, the pop band mentioned that this was their last gig with their French guitarist. They also said they'd miss him.
Pink Tiles
Zone out do that beautiful brand of dream pop. With a strong indie pedigree, there's members from Velcro, Totally Mild and more. A lot to like...
I don't know too much about Library Siesta, but they're from Sydney, and they have a brand of pop that reminds me very much of Triple J, Aussie accented singing and the 1990's. Their lead guitarist had impressive guitar skills and their rock music was superior to their pop. If I were them I'd be checking out awesome Sydney rockers because when they got darker, their sound improved.

83.  Early Woman, UV Race Copacobana 6/7/2013

84.  Terrible Truths, Super Wild Horses, Copacobana 7/7/2013

85. Si The Philanthropist, The Old Bar, 10/7/2013
Can't really claim this as a gig I saw, because I couldn't see anything, but I was there. In short it's Aussie hip hop by the drummer of Wagons, and I'll try to make it to the front row next time.

86. Acid Country Outside Broadcast, The Alan Ladds, Raised By Eagles, The Idle Hoes, Labour in Vain, 11/7/2013
The bassist from the Alan Ladds arrives 2 minutes after the band starts and it just seemed to work out for the best. Raised by Eagles and The Idle Hoes, provide front bar tunes with an alt country vibe.

87. Tim Nielsen, Labour in Vain, 11/7/2013
 Tim is an impassioned singer and guitar//banjo player, sometimes accompanied with a drummer and  another string player.

88. The Electric Guitars, The Paul Kidney Experience 11/7/2013
The Electric Guitars are loud and may be capable of taking you to another place. Some call it space rock. The light show, projections and smoke machine created the perfect vibe for this group. 

Speaking of taking you to another place, Paul Kidney's definitely capable of that. No cliches here with this improvised set, including a percussionist on the floor with some custom made cymbals and more.

89.Beaches, Ausmuteants, Copacobana 13/7/2013
Beaches are an awesome indie guitar band with grooves. Good songs with plenty of attitude.  Ausmuteants let lose, hit it hard, almost lose their kick drum, but it's their pop songs which reach degrees of sublime.

90. Nun, Copacobana 14/7/2013
Very palatable electro doom with shrieking vocals.

91. Yis, The Old Bar, 16/7/2013
 Yis were on fire on this evening, the birthday celebration for 3 of the members father [who passed away from Cancer]. It also doubles as a Cancer research fundraiser. The place is packed, to the extent: even we can't get into  the bandroom to see. However we do catch the drummer trash his kit at the end. The best Yis gig I've ever seen.

92. Slim Dime The Fox 18/7/2013
Wife and husband duo Slim Dime do old timey country folk and blues, in the vein of Gillian Welch and special microphones. Not much more to say except they're brilliant and it's beautiful and I can't believe they're not favourites at The Standard, The Labour, The Yarra & The Gem.

93. Hits, Yah Yahs  18/7/2013
Hits are a Brisbane band who've seemingly got it all. Two rockin' women guitarists /backing vocals [think in the style of Runnaways], a drummer with considerable force and amazing fills, a bass player with marathon endurance, a lead singer with some kinda slacker charisma, dramatic appeal, a large sense of irony, and songs. If you were seeking a dictionary definition of trashy Aussie pub rock this is it. Hits are seemingly casual, but serious about being an awesome rock band. As it happens they're playing to an audience of about 45 people, but for the most part, the audience are engaged. Hits are excellent and this is a band that I reckon would be a hit at the likes of Gonerfest.

94. Meth Leopard, Hits, Lyrebird Lounge 19/7/2013
Meth Leopard are I think a 4 piece and that's all I can say. Following Hit's performance last night, I went again and although the lead singer had a scar above his eyebrow and a penchant for a chair, and although the bass player accidentally unplugged the powerboard during a lead guitar break, they were still blistering.

95. Exhuastion, Ooga Boogas, Copacobana 20/7/2013
Exhaustion seem to be part experimental or even improv at times, then other times, they sock out a song. Ooga Boogas play their songs, with a great degree of control, with plenty of grooves throughout the set. Then have these moments where they break out into this kind of musical bliss. And they're funny too.
See keyboard stand

96. Sugarfed Leopards, The Old Bar 21/7/2013
Sugarfed Leopards ace it again with their incredible songs, and brilliant show-womanship, led by Steph Brett.

97. Daylight Robbery, Bits of Shit, Gaso, 21/7/2013
Daylight Robbery are a 3 piece punky pop group from Chicago with a killer drummer and boy/girl vocals. Guitar, bass and drums.
Bits of Shit return from Tasmania and play with incredible intensity despite one punk in the audience, acted like a punk at a punk show. Go figure.

98.Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ, Pronto, The Tote 24/7/2013
Brides of Christ are loose but really tight. Pronto is like a wall of pop punk in the good way.

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