Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 2013 gigs

Surely the worst month yet for gig going in 3 years [qty not quality]...

99. The Pink Tiles, Smoota, The Impossible No-Goods, Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Public Bar, 2/8/2013
The Pink Tiles return with a new line up: their Casio player is playing guitar now, and they've got a new Casio player. Notably it is almost an all Asian band. Smoota is from NY, and plays Trombone for TV on the Radio. Here he's got the night off and he's wearing gold pants, an open snakeskin print shirt, and playing a Casio, backed by sounds courtesy  of his Mac whilst singing what can be described as sexy slow love songs, occasionally pulling out the trombone. I'm guessing there's a hint of irony going on because if there wasn't it would be very cheesy but tonight it makes audiences laugh and dance. The Impossible No-Goods are a wild adventure into a world of soundtrack. Featuring BJ Morriszonkle on drums, the guy from Puta Madre bros on bass, & 2 other guys on Saxophones.  Dynamic, dramatic, creative and interesting. No-one else is doing music like this as far as I'm aware. Somebody get these guys to write their score for them! Richie 1250 and The Brides of Christ put on a great and entertaining show thanks to their R & B music with a focus on backing vocals. What's enjoyable about Richie 1250 and the BOC [aside from their music] is they make it OK to be the freaks and the geeks, and any event they put on is an outsiders party, and that's what this night was.

100. Zone Out, The Grand Rapids, Whitewash, The Old Bar 11/8/2013
It's perfect pop thanks to Zone Out. The Grand Rapids have got dudes and so many pedals. Whitewash- I didn't get to see most of their set but what I hear is intense in that Joy Division  way.

101.Habits, Gaso 16/8/2013
OK I'm sick yet again,but I can't bare the thought of missing out on 3 piece party outfit Habits. Here's a group with ideas, beats, heavy bass, extraordinary vocal abilities and presence. A quick scan reveals a lap top, drum machine ?, keyboard, loop pedals. The loop pedal is used to create beats and harmonies, and it's an top music experience with people who strike me as the stars of tomorrow

102. Antifade party, Cobbwebbs, Towelheads, Bits of Shit, Straight Arrows,  Grace Darling, 10/8/2013
Really disappointed I missed Wonderboy but got to see the remnants of the show. The Basement had a set up I've not seen before and oh my it did work well.

103. Reigning Men, The Tote 10/8/2013
Reigning Men are the Reigning Sound cover band and there were a few fists in the air, punching it, in time to the anthemic pop that Reigning Sound do so well.

104. Early Woman, Geoffrey O'Connor, Darren Sylvester, Boney, 24/8/2013 
 Early Woman strike me as a melody driven 4 piece, with some basic  yet striking beats,  grooving bass lines/falsetto backing vocals, keys/vocals and a vocalist/guitarist. They've got style and they've got songs. Geoffrey O'Connor makes for an unlikely but brilliant pop star/pop singer, with all the right moves.  Excellent songs are coloured in by the lady who is Fatti Frances on synthesised beats, and that synth player from Krakatoa. The result is a dance explosion that would make even the most unwilling participant throw their hands up in the air and surrender to music. Geoffrey O'Connor is perhaps one of Melbourne's best songwriters, so it's a tough act for Darren Sylvester to follow. He's on his own, playing guitar, multiple guitar pedals and pre-recorded sounds. His songs are great and the crowd love it, on this night, his single launch.

105. Pop Police, Galaxy Folk, Ciggie Witch, Northcote Social Club, 27/8/2013
Pop Police is one man, who also has a guitar, pedals, and pre-recorded backing tracks. Though his sounds go to further extremes: there's more noise, and there's bolder pop.Each provide some interesting contrast. Galaxy Folk seemed to experience some technical difficulties on this night. They cover a range of musical styles, starting off with what sounded like a light indie pop song, then moved into other territories. At times it was slightly swampy. Other times there were moments of Radiohead and Kurt Vile. Ciggie Witch are a band that seem to have members from Velcro, Ocean Party, Zone Out, Totally Mild, etc, etc. And they're a good indie pop band with some sweet songs. These kids are in so many bands, they could start there own genre.

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