Friday, November 8, 2013

November 2013 gigs

134.El Vez, LuWow 1/11/2013
I loved him so much Thursday night, I saw him again on Friday and he was just as funny and entertaining and brilliant.

135.  Clits, Split Teeth, Velvet Whip, Constant Mongrel, Maggotfest, Gaso, 2/11/2013
 It was a lazy effort on my part to only see 4 bands at Maggot Fest. Constant Mongrel were the standout with their occasionally jarring, always indie sounds. A lot of the line up was a little too hardcore for me, but I got to have nice chats instead.

136. Turbo Fruits, The Tote, 2/11/2013
Turbo Fruits hail from Nashville in USA, and with a name like theirs, it sounds like they'd be amazing. But I didn't feel it at all. Could it have been the post El Vez slump?

137. Mesa Cosa, The Ape, Shadow Electric, 4/11/2013
Mesa Cosa have a new line up and are on fire. You get that feeling if you don't know if you should  feel a little bit scared, because you just don't know what is going to happen next. The Ape is Tex Perkins rock group, with Raoul from Midnight Wolf playing some divine guitar parts.

Gig which I have now forgotten about

138 Harry Howard and the NDE The Tote 9/11/2013
The keyboard player has a cold but her delightful harmonies still come through. Harry Howard and the NDE have nailed perfect pop with twist of cynicism and humour.

139 The Subsonics, The Spasms Off the Hip 15/11/2013
 I know nothing about The Subsonics except their sound is right up my alley. Never heard those songs before but loved every single moment of their imperfect poppy set. The Spasms came along and did what they do - a spray of garage punk with pop moments.

140 Sonny and the Sunsets, Boomgates, The Bats, The Residence, MMW 15/11/2013
Sonny and The Sunsets do a different brand of pop, and this is also perfect in my mind. It's sweet, it's funny, occasionally has dark moments. Sonny doesn't sing perfectly, but he does sing with character, he's not am amazing guitarist but everything fits. As a frontman he's a fantastic anti hero type with his plaid pants and poindexter look. Bass playing bounces along to the melody, harmonies and percussion meld so well. I love this band.  Boomgates put in a really great performance, this was perhaps the crowd favourite except for one guy up the back yelling out that ECSR was better. The Bats are one of those seminal Flying Nun bands that influenced so many pop bands, and some of the supports are proof. But the reason why they were so influential, largely has to do with musical historical context- from what I can make out.  At the time they were doing something very different, which today is almost a dime a dozen. Tonight it was indie pop music, with boy/girl vocals. In my mind did not provide that  instantaneous hook that Sonny and Boomgates offered. But kudos to The Bats, and bands like them for paving the way for indie popsters all over the world.

141 The Real Numbers, School of Radiant Living, Chook Race, Bits of Shit, Edinburgh Castle 16/11/2013

Chook Race's material is sublime, and although there were fumbles, it's the mistakes I like! School of Radiant Living played their set which was also enjoyable. I was looking forward to The Real Numbers  but there seemed to be some sound problems. For example vocals couldn't be heard on melody driven songs, so that was slightly disappointing. But Bits of Shit were highly entertaining and a smaller venue on or near the floor suits them much better than a big old stage.

142 Personal and the Pizzas, Boney, 17/11/2013
Ok I only caught 20 minutes of this but the ordinarily reserved crowd, were not reserved this night because it was after 2am and it seems that those who know Personal and the Pizzas and their schtick in this town, love it. 

143 Tyvek, Ooga boogas, Nun, Melbourne University Underground car park 17/11/2013
Nun provide the perfect end of the world soundtrack to the surrounds of the Melbourne University Car park.They also faced sound problems but it was a strong set whilst it was on. Ooga Boogas were dressed in foil, because foil was the future, and this event it about future sounds I think?. I can't really explain the gaffer tape but at least two members were donning Gaffer crosses to hide the nipple due to their shirtless antics. Wardrobe aside, The Ooga Boogas were hilarious, fun, and sounded awesome. Their build ups turn into explosions of sound and musically excellent. No wonder why they've got such a strong following. I was surprised to see a lot of people left for Tyvek who put in a good set, but it didn't grab me like the one other show I caught of theirs, and I'm putting it down to being the wrong venue.

144. Sonny and the Sunsets, Some Velvet Morning 18/11/2013

145. Mikael Cronin, The Residence 18/11/2013
Pop guys on the verge of heading in a new musical direction.

146. Subsonics, Personal and The Pizzas, Cherry 18/11/2013

147. Leather Towel, Tyvek, Grace Basement 19/11/2013

148. Hierophants, Bonniwells The Clits, UV Race, The Lounge 21/11/2013
I was here for a friend, but all bands were good.

149. Scaramouche Barley Corn 23/11/2013
Canberra band Scaramouche play their second last gig ever for this Berry Street fundraiser.

150. Heirophants,  Brat Farrar, Mesa Cosa, Subsonics, Tote 23/11/2013
Heirophants were great. Brat Farrar had a new line up. Mesa Cosa were solidly entertaining, although they had sound problems with the mics but got through it. Although apparently they weren't here for MMW, Subsonics were one of my favourite international acts of the week. They've got songs, and style, and even with sound problems - you couldn't hear vocals well, and a guitar string broke and was restrung over one song.

151.Face Face, Drunk Mums, Guitar Wolf Public Bar 30/11/2013
Guitar Wolf blow us all away with their moves, their attitude and their trashy rock and roll


  1. How rad are Mesa Cosa! Really diggin' everything they are doing!

  2. I've seen them with many different line ups and this is probably their most entertaining. Their new addition is super-charged, and he gives the band a new energy. Perhaps one of the best live acts going around right now

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