Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2013 gigs

152. Wolfpack, Spazzys, Mach Pelican, Guitar Wolf, The Tote, 1/12/2013
Wolfpack played so early, I can't remember much. But The Spazzy's are real pro's, arriving into the venue, setting up immediately and before we know it they're playing. There's no messin' around, and their songs are really poppy ones with well developed harmonies, and it's a real clean sound. Mach Pelican haven't played for a while, but they sound like one massive party on stage, and they deliver a blistering set. Then of course Guitar Wolf blitz us all away with their heroic rock posturing. It sounds like everything's falling apart which is the way it's supposed to be. The crowd are crazy for this and why wouldn't they be?
For some strange reason I didn't take a photo of the band, just their excellent merch.

153. Pink Tiles, Ukeladies Orchestra, BJ Morriszonkle, The Old Bar 4/12/2013
Pink Tiles play a sloppy set with new songs. Ukeladies Orchestra are visually and aurally beautiful. BJ Morriszonkle astounds me with his brilliant songs, and outlandish sounds. This was all for the Creepy Coconuts launch and the gig had a real south pacific twist.

154. The Dames, GB, 7/12/2013
The Dames entertain with their songs and their stories and tonight it's certified real musicians on stage.

155. Sugarfed Leopards, LuWow 7/12/2013
Sugarfed Leopards tear it up with their live disco songs. Steph Brett is one hell of a front woman, and everyone is dressed in sparkles. It's an exciting show that delivers exactly what you want plus more.

156. Love Migrate, The Tote 8/12/2013
Slow burn Australian landscape and love songs, with a strong pop influence.

157. Wonderboy, The Pink Tiles, Empat Lima, The Tote 12/12/2013

Wonderboy are missing a member but they're a band with songs. It's all about personality, and they've got it.  Empat Lima are one of the best and most interesting bands going around town and it was bold of the Tote to give them a residency, given they're not widely known. But really it's just a matter of time. Everyone I know who's seen them are blown away and I can understand why. They're so good at playing, they're references are music-ologist-esque, they're fun, they're sassy, they've got great songs. They've got a theme and outro song. They've really just got it.

159. Aqua Birds, The Shock Waves Loose Pills, Los Tones Off The Hip 13/12/2013

160. No 1 Jones, The Kave Inn Town Hall Hotel, North Melbourne 14/12/2013

Number 1 Jones

Kave Inn

161. Dane Certificate, Be Bop'n'Lula, BJ MorrisZonkle, The Old Bar, 18/12/2013
Dane Certificate opens the evening with his magic and illusions and it's all part of the kooky entertaining vibe of the evening. Be Bop'n'Lula features two women: guitarist/singer and drummer/singer, and they play rock and roll classics and it's great. BJ Morriszonkle impresses me with not only his music, sounds and ideas. He's also go a coconut puppet on stick, and this was part of the show and for me that is the ultimate crowd pleaser. 

162. Them Nights, Chook Race, Empat Lima, The Pink Tiles, 19/12/2013

Them Nights feature sassy ladies owning it with a thoroughly courageous performance and I must say, I admire that. 
Chook Race delivered with the great tunes and the Hawaiian shirt. 
Empat Lima were hypnotically terrific as always and The Pink Tiles finished up the night.

163. Motel Love, The Pink Tiles, The Sporting Club, 21/12/2013

Motel Love play their first gig ever. The story behind the band: 2 Americans meet 1 Aussie on a boat, for King Tuff gig in April. They form a band, practise on headphones only, and play their first gig on this night. The Pink Tiles do virtually the same set last the Thursday before, featuring Andy Burnout covering Brett Smiley's Va Va Va Voom. This evening, there is some impressive audience participation (by way of hand clapping to the tunes), a thing rarely taken up in Melbourne venues, thanks to the goodwill of the crowd. It really must be the festive season. 

164. The Pink Tiles,  Ciggie Witch, The Bonniwells, The Slow Club at the Tote,22/12/2013
Last minute gig with barely an audience, except some of the members of the bands. But downstairs it was pumpin' for the Milk Records party. 

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