Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 2014 gigs

131. SMB, Polyester,  5/12/2014
SMB return in fine form with a blistering, hot sweaty set!

132. Wet Lips, The Tote,  5/12/2014
Wet Lips return after a 6 month break, and it's a triumphant return

133. Rebrobettes, Bratt Farrar, Loose Pills Off the Hip Xmas Party The Tote,  5/12/2014

134. Totally Mild, Palm Springs, The Tote,  7/12/2014

135. Constant Mongrel, UV Race, Straightjacket Nation, The Tote,  7/12/2014

136. Les Minijupes, The Blubottles, The Pink Tiles, The Spotted Mallard, 13/12/2014

137. Ty Segall, The Corner Hotel 15/12/2014

138.Mesa Cosa, The Tote, 18/12/2014
Energetic, hilarious, unique bordering on the ridiculous. I love these guys.

139. Tam Vantage, The Evelyn, 18/12/2014
One of my fave's I really couldn't miss it. It was a shame they were only playing to a small crowd of people.

140. Orb, The Laundry, 18/12/2014
Described to my by my companion as the sound of the first two Black Sabbath records and done really well.

141. Laughing Leaves, Loose Tooth, Pink Tiles, The Yarra, 20/12/2014
Laughing Leaves play their last ever Melbourne show, splitting up to go their separate ways and what a top set. Loose Tooth kill it as always. Pink Tiles also play on what appears to be a tiny stage.

142. Robyn Hitchcock, Emma Swift and The Abbotsford Three, The Yarra 27/12/2014
Performed in two sets: the first was singer songwriter duet. The second was perfect power pop with plenty of witty banter in between.

143. Girl Crazy, Department, Red Spencer, Bone Soup car park fiesta, 31/12/2014
Best Girl Crazy gig I've seen- the perfect setting for them. First time I'd seen Department and they were alright. Red Spencer was like listening to power pop in the 1990's.

and so concludes my gig going experience for 2014. This is a picture of Girl Crazy in a car park

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014 gigs

117. SMB, Empat Lima, Minnesota Voodoo Men, Yarra Hotel, 3/11/2014

118. The Newsletters, Tam Vantage, 5/11/2014 The Gaso

119. Slow Fires, Tam Vantage, The Old Bar 10/11/2014

120. Girl Crazy, Loose Tooth, The Pink Tiles, Libery Social, 12/11/2014

121. Fraudband, Right! The Electric Guitars, The Tote, 13/11/2014

122. Chugga and The Fuckheads, Wet Blankets, The Tote 15/11/2014

123. Kinder, Tam Vantage, The Pinnacle, 20/11/2014
Indie pop band Kinder have some really good moments.
Tam Vantage  are one of my favourite bands going round. Great songs, curious hooks, interesting twisted lyrics, tight and they sound good.

124. The Ocean Party, Terrible Truths, The Tote 21/11/2014
If Classic Australian indie pop is the brief, The Ocean Party nail it. Terrible Truths are interesting with their angular tunes.

Motel Love
The Kave Inn

125. The Kave Inn, Motel Love, The Pink Tiles, Workers Club, 23/11/2014
Motel Love have some really thumpin' power pop gems. The Kave Inn are fantastic as usual too, and dealt with a heckler in a punishing way. Note to self: never heckle the Kave Inn and think you'll win. Pink Tiles also played.

126. Secret Valley, Bar Open, 27/11/2014
Best defined as scrap pop, guitar, trombone, drums, keys, and girl/boy vocals. There was a strong Bachelor of Arts people circa 1990's vibe. Though some I was with were thoroughly confused by the sound, we all agreed it's art, they're pushing pop boundaries, they've got outsider cred - the real version of it,

127. Brat Farrar, The Perfections, Off The Hip, 28/11/2014

128.  Bonnie Dooms, Shit Sex, Public Bar, 28/11/2014

129. Bloods, Curtin, 29/11/2014

130. Chook Race, School Damage, Stink Lines, The Pink Tiles, Workers Club, 30/11/2014
Stink Lines

School Damage

Chook Race

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 2014 gigs

109. Pampers, Ausmuteants, Deafwish, Death By Audio, 2/10/2014
Death By Audio is closing down, so it's a great opportunity to check it out - it's still punk with that DIY feel, so it really suits the likes of Deaf wish and Ausmuteants who both tear it up and show everyone what the hype is all about.

110. The Electric Mess, Mikey and the Drags, The Connection, Don Pedro, Brooklyn  3/10/2014
The Electric Mess are a band with personality, and that sets them apart from so many. Mikey and The Drags travelled from Texas playing a solid garage set. Known as New Englands hitmakers, The Connection had a more glam approach which made them highly likeable.

111. Mosaicz, Girl Crazy, WASP, The Tote, 9/10/2014
Hailing from Geelong, Mosaicz did a set of shoegaze. They had some good sounds. Girl Crazy debut with an almost full set of original songs which are good songs. This band are sounding good. WASP were an interesting band. They had sounds over songs and some really great players. The singer was in some kind of pain, and by the end he was singing horizontally on the stage floor. He did an impromptu encore about how much he hated the singer of a seminal Sydney punk band. It was such a catchy number, he had the crowd singing along too.

112. Fair Maiden, Terrible Truths, The Curtin, 11/10/2014
Fair Maiden had some sweet 60's inspired pop, touch of lightness, but not lameness. Terrible Truths owned that angular post rock thing they do so well. This gig promised to be the best gig of the weekend and probably was except I had to leave early.

113. My Favourite Mick: A Benefit for Mick Blood, Bowers, Devil Rock 4, Fez Perez, Rocket Science The Tote 17/10/2014
A great 

114. Claws and Organs, Habits, at Rashfest, 18/10/2014
Claws and Organs are in my mind a grunge band taking me right back to the 1990's. Habits are such a great pop, electro, bedroom band with expressive voices totally dedicated to the melody, a cool presence, all the right moves.
The sun sets on Rashfest

115. Vowel Movement, Ern Malley, 20/10/2014
Vowel Movement master scrappy pop with a really good singer. Ern Malley are my one to watch of 2015. They've got really good songs, they can play, the singer has an awesome voice, and they've got a crowd who dance wildly to them. This was one of those gigs where you're watching something that's gonna be spectacular. I hope it goes that way.

116, Old Mate, Orlando Furious, The Tote 18/10/2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 2014 gigs

95. SMB, Sugarfed Leopards, Plague Doctor, MC DJ Grace K, DJ Richie 1250, The Pink Tiles LP Launch, the Tote 5/10/2014

96. SMB, Pink Tiles, The Eastern, 6/10/2014

97. Pink Tiles, Ausmuteants, Nobunny, The Hussy, Bar Open 7/10/2014

98. Girl Crazy, The Brunswick 11/9/2014
Girl Crazy play their first gig ever!

99.Lower Plenty,  The Sky Green Leopards, Baby's All Right! 18/9/2014
Why go see an Australian band, when overseas? Why oh why?! Well a chance meeting with an old friend that day who I met, because her travel agent who worked in Nachos Cantina of Lower Plenty (I went to school and lived with her boyfriend) meant we had to go. Lower Plenty were missing a member and they had the smallest audience I've even seen them play to, except the mix was too loud so the nuances were missed but their jarring noisy moments were spectacular - so I guess you win some: you lose some.  The Sky Green Leopards came all the way from San Francisco I believe, and they had a Byrds meets The Beach Boys vibe going on, so it was very pleasant.

100. Devendra Banhart, Stephen Merritt, Iron and Wine, Brooklyn Academy of Music 19/9/2014
To be honest, I only went to see one act. Although  very charming and able to do some interesting stuff with his vocals, I literally fell asleep whilst Devendra played. Possibly my jetlag had something to do with it. Stephen Merritt, walks on stage with two Ukelele's set up and a metronome, and his very droll banter. Some say Uke's aren't cool, but this guy is all about representing the song, the story and the melody, so it doesn't really matter if the Uke is in or not. Which makes the whole affair even cooler. Playing songs from The Magnetic Fields canon, Gothic Archies, Showtunes, etc, this was a divine experience, well worth the ticket price of all three Nonesuch artists. Yes Stephen Merritt is truly THE MASTER of witty, twisted lyrics, sublime melody, and I like many would say songwriting genius. His songs draw you in and hit you over the head and you love him for it, he plays with conventions, so you think you know where it's going and then all of the sudden you don't. I can see why he could be so respected across many genre of music, but a credit to him, he's still writing great material. The songs are perfectly succinct so as an audience member I will never bore of Stephen Merritt. Which made it really hard for the guy from Iron and Wine (for me). Although he was as or more charming than Devendra, 7 minutes into his set nothing to could Stephen Merritt, so in my mind there was no use in sticking around.

101. Quitty and the Don't's, The Above, The Forz, Yeah Hop! 20/9/2014
It was a last minute decision to come to Radio Bushwick which I find out is not a radio station, but a band venue with high ceilings in a converted warehouse space in a hipper part of Brooklyn. I only saw the last couple of songs, but Quitty is one cool lady behind the skins and has  a bit of the Mo Tucker's about her. The Above are a 60's inspired pop/R & B band with divine harmonies, and ace songs. Highly likeable stuff.
The Forz make their debut in NYC - they're from Boston and it starts off as a high energy performance, withstanding breaking a string, they do a selection of originals and covers, and the crowd are nodding in agreement with the good times/and or the beat.

102. Paul Collins Beat, @ Cooper & Young Thursday 25/9/2014
DIY guy Paul Collins opens Gonerfest 11 with his catchy pop songs. Crowd seems lethargic but maybe just pacing themselves for what's ahead.

Ross Johnson's

Like Flies

On Sherbert

103. Ross Johnson's Like Flies on Sherbert Revue, Golden Pelicans, So Cow, Ausmuteants, Radio Activity, Grifers, Hi Tone, 25/9/2014
I love the album, and I loved the tribute performance. Ross Johnson is a personality, and the band was loose in all the right places. It was a perfect tribute to the classic Alex Chilton album. Golden Pelicans had a screamy dude thing, and a champagne bottle that didn't break at the right time - orchestrated danger almost became real danger! So Cow from Ireland were equal parts funny and musically endearing but then had McClusky moments. Ausmuteants excited the crowd. Things got hazy by the time Radioactivity were on and The Grifters were 90's hometown guys.
So Cow

Dutch Masters

104.  Die Rotzz, Angie, Dutch Masters, Warm Soda, Deaf Wish, Len Bright Combo, Hi Tone 26/9/2014
Die Rotzz bought New Orleans punk power to to the stage; it's the kind where you don't question what they do. Angie bought vulnerability and darkness and I thought it worked really well - kinda like a Rowland S Howard vibe. Dutch Masters were the masters of rock and roll. There's just something about that front man "Scott" - he's so great. Warm Soda were like a teen idol band. The guys were good looking, the songs were really poppy and it kinda reminded of Shannon or Hunx - and not just 'cos they're from SF. Deaf Wish shocked and awed, and Len Bright Combo too the crowd to another place.
Len Bright Combo

Len Bright Combo
Scott and Charlene's Wedding

105. Scott and Charlene's Wedding, Stevens, Terry & Louie, Nathan Roche, Murphy's, 27/9/2014
Scott and Charlene's Wedding is a mellow way to start the afternoon. During their set Terry and Louie and the rest pulled up in their van (presumably from NOLA), tumbled out with all their gear, and then they were the next band on. What happened next was pure magic, maybe even spiritual-they pumped out a set of Exploding Hearts songs it was my absolute highlight of the entire festival. Even their sound check was entertaining. Brilliant stuff from people who know how to do it.  It was hard to get inside Murphy's by this stage, so Nathan Roche was up next, and he has that kinda slack jawed - slackness - it's his style, and that was nice. I was sorry to miss Weather Warlock the band that was temperature controlled.
Terry and Louie


The Rebel

The Gizmos

106. Nots, Spray Paint, The Rebel, Protomartyr, Gizmos - original 1977 line up, Hi Tone, 27/9/2014
Nots are the talk of the town and the hype of the festival. And deservedly so-with line up changes they're a four piece and these women know how to rock and /or roll. They're truly awe inspiring. Spray Paint - I can't remember them but that could be more to do with me than them. The Rebel was jaw-droppingly curious. Dirty guitar, unusual lyrics, a voice kinda reminiscent of Damon Albarn, but the guy was dressed in camo.  This was the act of Gonerfest that really surprised and delighted. Everybody's talking about Protomartyr from Detroit, except me because I can't remember. Gizmos had at least 7 guys on stage, one the lead singer who was a major Poindexter but so good at it. One band member was wearing overalls and it wasn't ironic. Gizmos were ludicrously fun.

King Brothers

107. King Brothers, Gazebo @ Cooper & Young, 28/9/2014
I only caught the very end of Gila Man who was playing synth. King Brothers, a 3 piece from Japan was the closing act but perhaps the most energetic of the festival. They gave it everything, in their crushed suits, and the video footage will show that the lead singer (who was making shapes including Iggy circa Stooges era) balanced on the arms of the crowd for at least 5 songs.

108. Lucinda Williams, Rough Trade 30/9/2014
Legendary Lucinda plays legendary label shop in NYC and all I can feel is the numbness after seeing so many great bands in Memphis. So spoilt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 2014 gigs

86. Empat Lima Residency opening, Jugular Cuts, Pink Tiles, Empat Lima, 7/8/2014

87. Pronto, Wet Blankets, The Tote Upstairs,  9/8/2014

88. Cobbwebbs, Hierophants, Exek, Catfish, 9/8/2014

89.Reprobettes, SMB, Luwow, 15/8/2014

90. Modesty, Loose Tooth Tote, 16/8/2014

91. Terrible Truths, Empat Lima, Gasometer 21/8/2014

92. Palm Springs Workers Club, 28/8/2014

93. School Damage, The Clits, Grace Basement, 29/8/14

94. Nobunny, The Hussy, The Tote 30/8/2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 2014 Gigs

A first in the history of the Julian Wu Life Project: I've been slack to log the list, and now I've forgotten what I've been to.....

76.Jack on Fire, Howl At The Moon, Curtin 5/7/2014

77.Ruby Boots, Charles Jenkins, Mick Thomas, Acid Country OB, Yarra Hotel, 9/7/2014

78. Spencer P Jones Living Legend Tribute Show, ft  Adalita, Helen Cattanach, Spencer P Jones, Chris Russell, Dan Brodie, Geoff Corbett (SixFtHick, Bris), Tom Lyngcoln (Nation Blue/Harmony), Mick Harvey, Kim Salmon,  Brian Hooper, Julitha Ryan, Stevie Richards, Phil Gionfriddo, Sly Faulkner, Down Hills Home, Midnight Scavengers, Thunderbox, Cherrywood, Greta Mob (Syd), Pink Tiles, Sons of Lee Marvin, Space Junk, the Cheats, The Tote, 11/7/2014

79. Morning Ritual Copacobana 13/6/2014

80. SMB, Pink Tiles, Longplay 17/6/2014

81. Bad Vision, Ross de Chene Hurricanes, Shock Waves, Pink Tiles, Grace Basement 19/7/2014

82. Empat Lima, The Catfish, 27/7/2014

83. School Damage, Grace Basement, 27/7/2014

84. SMB, Johnny and The Johnnie Johnnies, The Tote, 27/7/2014

85. Shack of Bells, BJ Morriszonkle, Pink Tiles, The Retreat 31/7/2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 2014 gigs

65. Dr. Doctor, Galaxy Folk, Ciggie Witch, 31/5/2014

66. Richie 1250 Brides of Christ, Worm Crown, Grace Darling downstairs 1/6/2014

67. Gold Class Grace Darling upstairs 1/6/2014

68. Upset, White Lung, The Tote 8/6/2014

69. Pork Chop Party, The Standard 9/6/2014

70. The Furbelows, Pink Tiles, St Ignatius Hall, Frankie Anniversary Party 11/6/2014

71. D-Grades, Plague Doctor, Go Go Sapien, 13/6/2014

72. Hierophants, SMB, Harry Howard and the NDE, 14/6/2014

73.Monday Night Mass Northcote Social Club, 16/6/2014

74. Bob Log III, The Submarines, Pink Tiles Lu WOW, 20/6/2014

75.White Hex Album launch- Johnny Telefon, Nun, Peak TWins, Liberty Social, 28/6/2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 2014 gigs

52. The Reprobettes, The Pink Tiles, Penny Black, 3/4/2014
The Reprobettes start their set with a scream, and from that point on I knew it would be a good party set of 60's styled party songs, and I wasn't proven wrong.

53. Steve Miller Band, EsCarGo-Gos, The Pink Tiles, The Old Bar, 5/5/2014
SMB nail their brief and they're a really exciting band. Escargogo's play popular songs, sung in French with heaps of gusto. The Pink Tiles played again.

54. Wet Blankets, The Tote, 10/5/2014
Without being too condascending, the Wet Blankets are a fairly nifty 4-5 piece (rotating guitar players) from your favourite Geelong bands and two teenagers, (also seemingly from the same area). Punchy punk tracks (in the good way) not more than 2:30 long, indecipherable lyrics, a few stops and starts but pretty likeable stuff. I wish I was doing that when I was 16.

55. The Rolling Blackouts, SMB, Naked Bodies, Old Bar, 11/5/2014
This was the first time I caught the Rolling Blackouts who play very catchy pop tunes with some sweet guitar stuff going on. I liked it. I'm a massive fan of SMB to the extent that I love them so much I cannot provide an objective or logical review in a sentence. I shan't and I won't.  Naked Bodies features one of the guys from Little Red and they were not a pop band. From memory it was a dark brooding experience with dramatic style and a fiddle.

56. Thee Nodes, UV Race, Gentlemen, The Tote, 16/5/2014
Gentlemen go hard or at least loud tonight.  Delivering roughly 25 minutes of material, Thee Nodes feature a lead singer wrapped in bandages, some interesting vocal effects and a lot of dude intensity. UV Race end up headlining and the crowd loves it.

57. The Rebelles, The Pink Tiles, Kink, 17/5/2014
The Rebelles are a highly entertaining outfit, singing mostly your favourite girl group songs some Ramones and a few originals. Definitely the coolest choir around. Pink Tiles played.

58. Little Bands The Tote, 18/5/2014
One of the most interesting gigs I've been to. Honouring a tradition where groups of musos form bands for the event, and play three songs - there was a mix of old and new, and genre mixing and it was great stuff.

59. Flour, Steve Miller Band, High Tea, The Old Bar, 18/5/2014
Flour have an impressive amount of long flowing hair trashing around for this tight dude rock outfit. SMB play with fierce intensity, and math rock outfit High Tea play what seems to be their last gig.

60. Lalic, The Pink Tiles, Whipped Cream Chargers, Grace Darling, 24/5/2014

61. The Broken Needles, Tender Bones, The Electric Guitars, Yah Yahs, 24/5/2015
Tender Bones are launching their 10" and they've got boy/girl vocals and have Sonic Youth moments, but they're from Townsville, and they're good. I can't wait to catch their next gig. The Broken Needles are also apparently from Townsville, but they do that darker,slower country-esque rock thing. And The Electric Guitars come of age with perhaps their best gig I've ever caught. They're astonishingly excellent and with the right set of conditions they may very likely exceed your expectations.

62. Smile, SMB, Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Old Bar, 25/5/2014Smile bring the sunny pop with harmonies. SMB absolutely nail it again but this time even better than ever before and Richie 1250 and the BOC bring it home. What a great night!

63. Shockwaves, Wrong Turn, Tote, 31/5/2014

64. Dr. Doctor, Galaxy Folk, Ciggie Witch, 31/5/2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2014 gigs

37. Angie, Constant Mongrel, Summer Flake, Terrible Truths, Public Bar, 5/4/2014
Angie the bassist from Straight Arrows ventures out with a Korg player, playing guitar with dark tinged songs, think Rowland S Howard, and it's a highly satisfying experience. Constant Mongrel have that late 70's early 80's driving punk sound that I like a whole lot. Summer Flake is a solo artist from Adelaide and she's got well crafted songs that she delivers with voice and guitar. Terrible Truths, give us an angular post punk gig, swapping instruments and dual vocals, and there's heaps of energy. This was a good night for music in Melbourne.

38. School Damage, Northcote Social Club 7/4/2014
School Damage play their first official gig at a venue and they are my new favourite band. Guitar, bass, drums and 80s synthy keys, good songs. At times ludicrious punk, other times, it's very, very poppy but it's all very enjoyable and definitely the kind of band that leave you wanting more. I bought the album the same day at

39. Empat Lima, The Old Bar, 11/4/2014
The place is packed for the EP launch and Empat Lima deserve it.

40. Shockwaves, Wrong Turn, The Tote 12/4/2014

41. Moon Rituals, Lower Plenty The Yarra 12/4/3014

42. Molluscs, Habits, The Old Bar 14/4/2014
Molluscs are a two piece all women act who feature vocal gymnastics, electric guitars and effects. Habits are missing a member but really awesome bedroom synth pop with some swoon inducing George Michael style vocals.

43. The Gooch Palms, Hunx and his Punx, Shannon and The Clams, Copacobana, 17/4/2014

44. Spencer P Jones, Cherry Bar, 18/4/2014
Kills it to an audience of 10

45. Bad Vision, Mesa Cosa, Old Bar, 18/4/2014

46. Woollen Kits, Slow Club@Tote, 18/4/2014

47. UV Race, Hunx and his Punx, Shannon and the Clams, The Curtin, 23/4/2014

48. Steve Earle, Forum,  24/4/2014

49. Grand Rapids, The Electric Guitars, The Tote, 25/4/2014

50. Tyrannamen, Deaf Wish, BJ Morriszonkle, Harmony, BJ Morriszonkle Howler 26/4/2014
On a night that showcased Melbourne's best acts Tyrannamen are cemented in my  mind as  my favourite Melbourne band. I love their songs, I love their parts, and their frontman is a really good singer. BJ Morriszonke is sheer genius. Deaf Wish shocked and awed the crowd and Harmony sounded the best I ever heard them.

51. Midnight Wolf, Motel Love, Old Bar, 27/4/2014
Andy Burnout dons a Cheap Trick T-shirt and white jeans, and already he's a crowd favourite. Cool songs, Motel Love are sounding good. Midnight Wolf are a scene favourite with their classic rock and roll songs done fast, with a Spanish twist and Australian rawness. They really do put a whole lotta energy into their performances.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 2014 gigs

28. Six Foot Hick Old Bar, 9/3/2014
I've heard lots of things about this band, and they possess what I love about family bands: the closeness between family members allows those members to give a really honest and engaging performance, even it it seems staged. I guess it's like a circle of trust, that the audience are invited to witness.... sorry for my flu like delirium, having difficulty getting thoughts out. In short, this was a good gig.

29. Laughing Leaves, Lands, Old Bar 14/3/2014
The last time I saw Laughing Leaves they didn't sound as I felt they wanted to. This time about a year later they're hitting their target. They've got good songs, and warmed up as the gig went on. It's pop, it's sloppy in the good way, and I can't wait to see them again. My companions told me Lands reminded me of early Pink Floyd. I think they sound like Turin Brakes and there's quite a large crowd of young dudes digging the epic tunes.

30. Empat Lima, Intoxica,  LuWow 14/3/2014
It is not an overstatement to say that Empat Lima are at the top of their game. They sound amazing, they've got their act down and crowds absolutely loved it so much. OK so it was Friday night in a cocktail bar, but Melbourne crowds aren't normally moved so much. Empat Lima have got it! Intoxica have got it too with the likes of Lluis Fuzzhound on the drums Nicky Del Ray on lead guitar, and Tony Shaw as leader. Wild, crazy rock and roll sounds and lots of fun.

Steve Miller Band

31. Pink Tiles, Steve Miller Band, Harry Howard and the NDE 15/3/2014
It seems that Pink Tiles play a 15 song set in about 25 minutes, and remark during the gig that their Casio player is going on maternity leave. Tonight's gig was the world premier of the Steve Miller band with its new line up. Three stunning women: guitarist - keyboardist and drummer, and handsome Steve Miller on out of tune Squire Stratocaster. They play classic 70's and 80's songs with some obscure twists and cheese moments, but this is a band that's messy but great, off the wall and oh so much fun. Harry Howard and the Near Death Experience were launching their video clip this evening and they put in a restlessly excellent and professional pop set [especially when compared with the other acts]. In their band, their songs are like domestic debates. In short: kitchen sink dramas coloured by pop bliss.

32. Bored Nothing, Sebadoh, The Corner, 21/3/14
SeBADoh were fantastic. Yes they totally exceeded by expectations. Lou Barlow was sick-literally, they arrived yesterday, their gear arrived that day-2 hours before the show and they still powered through it to give a thoroughly excellent performance. I preferred their newer songs because they sounded totally bored playing songs from Bakesale. I loved it, it really-really loved it!

33. Jumpin' Jack Williams, Velcro, Pink Tiles, Smile, Grace Darling, 23/3/14
Jumpin' Jack William is a solo artist, who plays Maton acoustic or keyboard, is from the band Willow Darling and has a booming voice. Velcro played perfect indie pop, The Pink Tiles played with their new Casio player-apparently it was his first official gig and Smile were an excellent pop band with great harmonies and  and interesting moments.

34. Wooly Beef, Yah Yahs
Playing the second week of their mini residency, there seems to have half the members of the Jackals.

35.The Robes, Sporting Club 29/3/2014
The Robes AKA Sheek Stain and the Creep play their second or third gig at the front bar of the Sporting Club. All sounds good - they're doing Rock &Roll  & trash classics. The perfect support for The Scientists.

36. The Scientists(original line up), Howler, 29/3/2014
Snide remarks between band mates could not stop me from loving this gig.Though they weren't totally tight the performance was great, and by the end it included choreographed dance moves, playing in what felt like a full band room of Scientists fans.Rod Radalj sweated through his white outfit, which matched his guitar. Kim Salmon sweated through a wool suit, and shared James Bakers towel. James Baker sat on a beer keg the whole time.  And Boris celebrated his birthday, told us about his book that he's already written, whilst asking us to read it.

Sympathy for The Devil
Looking For You
Teenage Dreamer
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
Frantic Romantic
Last Night, Drop out
Slow Death,
that Girl
She Said She Loves Me
Walk the Plank
Shake Together Tonight
Baby You're Not For Sale

Chinese Rocks

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 gigs

11 Bachelor Pad, Ohms, Wet Blankets, Wet Lips, Grace Darling Basement, 1/2/2014
Teen fronted Wet Blankets kick the drum kit in by the end of their set.  Ohms are a pop rock outfit with a really good frontwoman. Bachelor Pad, from Sydney remind me a little bit of the UV Race.

12. Forces, Miles Brown, White Hex PBS 3/2/2014 
Forces, Miles Brown and White Hex push the boundaries for the Drive Live event and we're all thankful for that.

13. School of Radiant Living, The Stevens, Courtney Barnett, PBS 4/2/2014 
School of Radiant Living prove they're one of the coolest bands going around. The Stevens do the same. Courtney Barnett has truly come of age, and whatever success happens, she deserves it. She's done the hard yards and surpasses regular singer-songwriter categorisation.

14. The Harpoons, Great Earthquake, Hiatus Kaiyote, PBS 5/2/2014 
Harpoons do their croony R & B thing, Great Earthquake is a major revelation and I can't believe I've  never heard of this one man loop band before, but he's great. It kinda reminds me of a soundtrack by Jon Brion. Hiatus Kaiyote remind me of early 2000's cafe music and they were nominated for a Grammy.

15. Bad Vision, Cherrywood, Harry Howard and the NDE, PBS 6/2/2014 
The frontman for Bad Vision proves he's a wildman. Someone referred to Cherrywood as cock folk, and it's kinda apt. Harry Howard and the NDE are pretty damn good as always.

16. The Night Party, Sugarfed Leopards, Wonderboy, The Murlocs, PBS 7/2/2014 
Sugarfed Leopards always impress. The Night Party and Wonderboy did some live jams, and The Murlocs bought it all home.

17. Gorsha, Spencer P Jones & The Escape Committee, YahYahs, 7/2/14
Caught the last 4 songs of Gorsha and it was big sounding and energetic. Spencer played all the songs you know and love plus some and he and his band we're on fire tonight.

18. Alpine Decline YahYahs 9/2/14
Never heard of them before but apparently they're from Beijing. Tonight they're a 2 piece multi tasking outfit. The drummer is also responsible for a keyboard/synth. The guitarist/singer has pedals galore and they sound big and atmospheric. They've got good songs think guided by voices pop smarts that are short and sweet.

19. Bayou and Plague Doctor, 9/2/14
Bayou are an almost girl group that do pop. But that's not why I like them. They're good at what they do and have a strong lead vocalist. Good tunes: they're definitely one to watch in 2014.  Plague doctor are a great party band but that's no secret in this town. Lots of songs with a broad range and they all maintained the smile across my face.

20. Shitsex, Waco Social Club, Angry Mules, The Tote Upstairs [Slow Club] 14/2/2014
21. Constant Mongrel, Ausmuteants LP launch, The Tote, downstairs 14/2/2014
Shitsex are kind of a new band that have  a lot of fun, and seem to have some political lyrics, shirts off and one really sweaty frontman who's a real screamer. Waco Social Club are an over 28's a bluesy front bar band who seem to love rock and roll with a drummer who has the ultimate drummer look. Long curly hair, handle bar moustache. Angry Mules are a tight 3 piece punk band, also possibly in the over 28's crew. who seem like they've been doing it since they're teenagers. Let me put it this way: they're good at what they do -they've got a lot of energy for it. It was a strange line up to have these bands together, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.
The gig downstairs on the other hand had a flow you could understand. All bands from roughly the same scene, and I guess this was the cool gig for the night. Given my attention was split between the two band rooms, I only got to catch a couple of  Constant Mongrel's tunes, but they were good since they've got good songs. I suppose it's like a slacker pop sound which is what I like. 2 of the Ausmuteants wore rubber breasts, and while the novelty might have worn off for some, the likeability of their songs don't.  They've got tunes, they play with energy, and whilst poor posture might make them look like slackers, they ain't.

22. Them Nights, The Pink Tiles, 15/2/2014
Them Nights are great, they played a great set, and that front bar really suits them. The Pink Tiles were a bit scratchy.

23. feedtime Tote, 16/2/2014
Seminal 80's post punk 3 piece reformed in their original line up, to play a couple of reunion shows. There was a lot of hype surrounding these gigs. Those who went on the Saturday night raved about it. Between songs, the banter would indicate the guys are really nice people who care about people. When they played, they did it fiercely. 2 vocalists: one's a screamer, the other is a growler. Bass guitar provides the rhythm when the drums drop out and return later in the songs.  Guitar, often played with the slide comes in manically. At times it feels atonal.  Fans appear to be reasonably happy.

24. Silver Ray, Jimmy Tait, Old Bar, 16/2/2014
Silver Ray is an instrumental band but they transcends style and scene to create an evocative, explosive and amazing set that will freeze you in your tracks. Last song features Simon Grounds playing sax. Slow burn with big build ups, this is the best band I've seen all weekend.
Jimmy Tait also works on that same slow burn level with massive crescendo, but they've got at least 4 vocalists in the group. Good songs, great musicians. They did a cover of a Don Walker track. I see why people like them.

25. Wire, The Corner, 21/2/2014
Friday was so far away, that this is all I can remember....

A voice in the crowd yelled out for their Wire favourites, but Wire was reluctant to play them. A friend said this gig was a combo of their old and new material.

26. Pink Tiles, Ukeladies, The Breadmakers, Ron Peno & the Superstitions, Thornbury Bowls Club, 23/2/2014.
This was a fun gig for kids and their parents at The Thornbury Bowls Club. Ukeladies were fantastic as always, Breadmakers were brilliant at bringing the party vibes. Ron Peno and  The Superstitions set their own pace for this family friendly gig. More all ages gigs I say.

27.Moon Rituals, Jacky Winter, Pink Mussle, The Tote upstairs 28/2/2014