Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Brief Round Up 2013

Best Gigs 2013

ESG, RRR 16/1/2013
Reason: Insane drumming and feminist factor

Hunx and his Punx,  The Tote,  20/1/2013
Reason: Hunx and his Punx are fun

The Kave Inn, The Breadmakers, Yah Yahs, 27/1/2013
Reason: Good outfits, great music

NoBunny, Town Hall Hotel North Melbourne courtesy of Wooly Bully, 3/2/2013
Reason: Perfect, intimate venue for the likes of NoBunny

Ooga Boogas, GB 23/2/2013
Reason: A band with many styles, and it seems to fit this not-a-hip venue

Les Minijupes Bar Open 15/3/2013
Reason: They do that 60's French pop thing so well. Sounds good, is fun.

Tyrannamen, house/shop on Johnston Street, Collingwood for All's Good in the Wood, 24/3/2013
Perfect venue for this power pop group: someone's backyard.

Salmon and Cowie, Buzzcocks, Flamin' Groovies, The Crusaders, Dig It Up, The Palace 25/4/2013.
Kim Salmon puts on an ultimate performance, and Leanne Cowie really helps give it the structure. Together it's better than could have ever imagined. Buzzcocks were fun. Flamin' Groovies did gorgeous pop. Crusaders was a bunch of blokes havin' fun.

Flamin Groovies, Caravan Music Club 27/4/2013
More sweet pop

Peak Twins, The Tote, 3/5/2013
One of my favourite bands: possibly because they rarely play gigs. But I love their sound and I love their songs. I love their wild guitar breakouts, tambourine, harmonies, so on and so forth

Prudence Rees-Lee, Curtin 9/6/2013
A massive project of musicians that easily exceeds anyone's expectations. They do chamber pop really well.

Frowning Clouds  The Tote 12/6/2013
Good at what they do

Sugarfed Leopards LuWow 27/6/2013
This 6 or 7 piece wow everyone on this night, and are much better than their international headline

Empat Lima, The Gasometer, 19/6/2013
Their second gig, and theyve got twang and spunk and great songs. Almost everyone at this gig was spellbound by Empat Lima

Hits, Yah Yahs  18/7/2013
Straight up pub rock and roll to me, with a funny/scary lead singer, 2 cool chicks playing guitars and one mean looking drummer. OK I'm totally sold on their looks, but also on their sound and their attitude

The Impossible No-Goods The Public Bar, 2/8/2013
Anto Mac playing fuzz bass, BJ Morriszonkle on the drums and a horn section. It's as wild and brilliant as you can imagine.

Habits, Gaso 16/8/2013
3 singers who twist and turn knobs. They've got style, can really sing like 80's singing sensations and it's just plain good.

Geoffrey O'Connor Boney, 24/8/2013
Unlikely yet favourite front man for a pop act. Songs are great.

Ciggie Witch, Northcote Social Club, 27/8/2013
Ciggie Witch is another indie pop band with a slide guitar. I reckon they're one to watch for 2014.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Gonerfest  Hi Tone, 26/9/2013
Absolutely spectacular show and heaps of fun

Timmy and the Tumblers, Lamplighter Lounge, 27/9/2013
When a venue is empty it's easy for the performer to feel disheartened. Not Timmy who's climbing on the furniture, singing to the barflies on the stool next to him, walking the length of the dive whilst still playing guitar. And the band plays on. A breath of fresh air

Harlan T Bobo and The Fuzz, Wreckless Eric, Goner Saturday Murphy's, 28/9/2013
Harlan T Bobo and the Fuzz and Wreckless Eric are both brilliant songwriters who displayed their great work through their excellent performances.

Chuckleberries, Siberia New Orleans, 3/10/2013
Totally fun 60's covers? Drummer ex-Mummies. One member is just playing percussion and singing with everything he's got.

Gaunga Dyns, Chris Montez,Ty Wagner Ponderosa Stomp, Rock'n'Bowl 5/10,2013
All so good, please go back to review.

School of Radiant Living, Goodtime Studios 18/10/2013
Coolest chicks playing their highly enjoyable songs. If you look at the scene they came from they're truly  iconic.

El Vez, LuWOW 31/10/2013
World class performer doing a camp Elvis act with costume, political commentary and dance. What is not to love?

The Subsonics Off the Hip 15/11/2013
Brilliant sound, good songs, funny looking but one of the best bands I saw in November

Tyvek, Ooga Boogas, Nun, Melbourne University Underground car park 17/11/2013
Good bands in a unique location

Guitar Wolf Public Bar 30/11/2013
This had to be the smallest crowd of the Australian tour, but Guitar Wolf did not give in or give up and seemed to give it 130% instead of the usual 110%.

BJ Morriszonkle, The Old Bar 4/12/2013
One man band genius. Is that going overboard? Nope

Last Word
The short list is too long I know, but it's too hard to cull. Ironically, I didn't see many gigs compared with previous years, but 2013 had so many musical highlights and the artists that really stood out were the ones offering something a little bit different than what you could ever have hoped for. Whether it be musical or otherwise it doesn't really matter to me if it makes you look twice and stick around. I'm exhausted now and going to bed, but when I awake, i can't wait to see what 2014 has in store....

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