Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2014 gigs

1. Spencer P Jones at Cherry 3/1/2014
Although I aim to see bands I've never seen before-especially when a new year commences, I was glad to catch one of the best artists in this country and he proved it yet again this evening, with his songs, his piercing, distorted guitar and raw lyrics.

2. The Citradels, Flyying Colours 3/1/2014
There seems to some kind of 90's influence surging through. Citradels reminded me of Jesus and Mary Chain, they had a really cool tambourine player/Farfisa player, Flyying Colours reminded me of Sonic Youth, Fitzroy and boy/girl lyrics, a very solid rhythm section. Both had very good moments.

4. Larry Bang Bang, Dane the Magician, Sugarfed Leopards, Dane's Magic Shop, 4/1//2014
Dane the Magician opened the evening and provided entertaining guitar tricks between acts that flawed, shocked and delighted. Larry Bang Bang seems to be a comedian, musician and general entertainer with his Swiss, mariachi, cowboy thing. It was good with real moments of hilarity. Sugarfed Leopards are such pro's[fessionals]. They sounded great, they looked great, they have moves, percussions,  and a whole lot of sparkle. They bought the party and they are one of the best fun bands around.

5. Penny Ikinger, Yah Yahs 7/1/2014
Penny Ikinger reminded us how cool she actually is, with her good songs, and her brilliant, twisted, dark guitar sounds.

6.  Loobs, Gorsha, Public Bar, 23/1/2014
Loobs are a new 3 piece band, only months old, with some really fine moments and their bass player is perhaps one of the coolest chicks ever. Gorsha is a 4 piece band from Darwin, playing swamp rock and cowpunk with a strong Australian vibe.
The aftermath of the BOSMC final show for ages

7. The Pink Tiles, AD Skinner, Gentlemen, Hierophants, Batpiss, Gooch Palms, Bits for Shit at SHITFEST, The Tote, 26/1/2014
The Pink Tiles kickstart the Australia Day festivity *where the Australian flag is banned* at the Tote. After a sloppy beginning, they find their feet by the end of the set. AD Skinner is 4 guys, playing fast and tight with some noisy guitar, & one very natural frontman screaming into the mic. One punter says it reminded him of ECSR. 4 piece Gentlemen are also a white guy punk outfit that play pretty flat out, garnering good reviews on their recordings including US distribution on their 7 inch. Hierophants change the pace with their twisted pop, with moments of fuzz and weirdness and this was ultra refreshing. They were one of my favourite bands on the line up. Everyone was raving about Batpiss, and the sound guy was under pressure to get things working for the 3 piece. Finally things got moving, and Batpiss were a powerful trio of dude punk. Unfortunately I missed Cut Sick. Gooch Palms had that quirky fun, yet musically good pop thing going on and a penis on show. But the real excitement was reserved for Bits of Shit, which had reached fever pitch by 11pm. Earlier in the week, the band announced that this was their last show for a while. The lead singer of Bits of Shit opened with  a poetry recital and then breaks into a Bits of Shit show. The crowd went wild, the mosh was violent,the crowd surfing seemed hazardous since the mosh wasn't that tight, the props included a lagerphone and a helmet, they were joined on stage by a dancer & a friend who dropped his dax. And once the sound issues were rectified, Bits of Shit were in full flight playing crowd favourites. The room was full of love for BOSMC by the end of their set the lead singer went AWOL and no-one was sure if there was going to be an encore. There wasn't..... so they were the last moment of the BOS show, which makes me think, it's really not over for them. They dedicated their show to Katie, former bar staff & DJ from The Tote, The Standard & The Old Bar.

8. Saint Jude, Labour In Vain, 27/1/2014
3 part harmonies behind a loud band. Now that is impressive. A face in the crowd says they "remind him of Burrito Brothers and there's nothing wrong with that!" unless you don't like the Flying Burrito Brothers, but then if you don't, then you probably wouldn't be there.

9.Parquet Courts, The Corner Hotel 29/1/14
Unfortunately I missed well regarded supports Constant Mongrel and Total Control but all signs pointed to this being a very good gig.  When a band is described as being punk rock, I expect something punk-esque: they don't have to look like stereotypical safety pin through the nose -  punks but at the very least I appreciate something raw. I felt that they were slightly misrepresented. I only caught a couple songs, but it seemed a little more like mid 90's Brit pop. But genre aside, although my colleague says they "played well", and they were "very Pitchfork", I must admit, I didn't dig it. Or I didn't get it. I'm sorry Parquet Floors I didn't give you much of a chance, but I just assumed - based on what I caught, it was not for me.

10. Steve Miller Band, Icy Poles, The Harpoons, Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment, 31/1/2014
Steve Miller band: not the band you were expecting

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