Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 gigs

11 Bachelor Pad, Ohms, Wet Blankets, Wet Lips, Grace Darling Basement, 1/2/2014
Teen fronted Wet Blankets kick the drum kit in by the end of their set.  Ohms are a pop rock outfit with a really good frontwoman. Bachelor Pad, from Sydney remind me a little bit of the UV Race.

12. Forces, Miles Brown, White Hex PBS 3/2/2014 
Forces, Miles Brown and White Hex push the boundaries for the Drive Live event and we're all thankful for that.

13. School of Radiant Living, The Stevens, Courtney Barnett, PBS 4/2/2014 
School of Radiant Living prove they're one of the coolest bands going around. The Stevens do the same. Courtney Barnett has truly come of age, and whatever success happens, she deserves it. She's done the hard yards and surpasses regular singer-songwriter categorisation.

14. The Harpoons, Great Earthquake, Hiatus Kaiyote, PBS 5/2/2014 
Harpoons do their croony R & B thing, Great Earthquake is a major revelation and I can't believe I've  never heard of this one man loop band before, but he's great. It kinda reminds me of a soundtrack by Jon Brion. Hiatus Kaiyote remind me of early 2000's cafe music and they were nominated for a Grammy.

15. Bad Vision, Cherrywood, Harry Howard and the NDE, PBS 6/2/2014 
The frontman for Bad Vision proves he's a wildman. Someone referred to Cherrywood as cock folk, and it's kinda apt. Harry Howard and the NDE are pretty damn good as always.

16. The Night Party, Sugarfed Leopards, Wonderboy, The Murlocs, PBS 7/2/2014 
Sugarfed Leopards always impress. The Night Party and Wonderboy did some live jams, and The Murlocs bought it all home.

17. Gorsha, Spencer P Jones & The Escape Committee, YahYahs, 7/2/14
Caught the last 4 songs of Gorsha and it was big sounding and energetic. Spencer played all the songs you know and love plus some and he and his band we're on fire tonight.

18. Alpine Decline YahYahs 9/2/14
Never heard of them before but apparently they're from Beijing. Tonight they're a 2 piece multi tasking outfit. The drummer is also responsible for a keyboard/synth. The guitarist/singer has pedals galore and they sound big and atmospheric. They've got good songs think guided by voices pop smarts that are short and sweet.

19. Bayou and Plague Doctor, 9/2/14
Bayou are an almost girl group that do pop. But that's not why I like them. They're good at what they do and have a strong lead vocalist. Good tunes: they're definitely one to watch in 2014.  Plague doctor are a great party band but that's no secret in this town. Lots of songs with a broad range and they all maintained the smile across my face.

20. Shitsex, Waco Social Club, Angry Mules, The Tote Upstairs [Slow Club] 14/2/2014
21. Constant Mongrel, Ausmuteants LP launch, The Tote, downstairs 14/2/2014
Shitsex are kind of a new band that have  a lot of fun, and seem to have some political lyrics, shirts off and one really sweaty frontman who's a real screamer. Waco Social Club are an over 28's a bluesy front bar band who seem to love rock and roll with a drummer who has the ultimate drummer look. Long curly hair, handle bar moustache. Angry Mules are a tight 3 piece punk band, also possibly in the over 28's crew. who seem like they've been doing it since they're teenagers. Let me put it this way: they're good at what they do -they've got a lot of energy for it. It was a strange line up to have these bands together, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.
The gig downstairs on the other hand had a flow you could understand. All bands from roughly the same scene, and I guess this was the cool gig for the night. Given my attention was split between the two band rooms, I only got to catch a couple of  Constant Mongrel's tunes, but they were good since they've got good songs. I suppose it's like a slacker pop sound which is what I like. 2 of the Ausmuteants wore rubber breasts, and while the novelty might have worn off for some, the likeability of their songs don't.  They've got tunes, they play with energy, and whilst poor posture might make them look like slackers, they ain't.

22. Them Nights, The Pink Tiles, 15/2/2014
Them Nights are great, they played a great set, and that front bar really suits them. The Pink Tiles were a bit scratchy.

23. feedtime Tote, 16/2/2014
Seminal 80's post punk 3 piece reformed in their original line up, to play a couple of reunion shows. There was a lot of hype surrounding these gigs. Those who went on the Saturday night raved about it. Between songs, the banter would indicate the guys are really nice people who care about people. When they played, they did it fiercely. 2 vocalists: one's a screamer, the other is a growler. Bass guitar provides the rhythm when the drums drop out and return later in the songs.  Guitar, often played with the slide comes in manically. At times it feels atonal.  Fans appear to be reasonably happy.

24. Silver Ray, Jimmy Tait, Old Bar, 16/2/2014
Silver Ray is an instrumental band but they transcends style and scene to create an evocative, explosive and amazing set that will freeze you in your tracks. Last song features Simon Grounds playing sax. Slow burn with big build ups, this is the best band I've seen all weekend.
Jimmy Tait also works on that same slow burn level with massive crescendo, but they've got at least 4 vocalists in the group. Good songs, great musicians. They did a cover of a Don Walker track. I see why people like them.

25. Wire, The Corner, 21/2/2014
Friday was so far away, that this is all I can remember....

A voice in the crowd yelled out for their Wire favourites, but Wire was reluctant to play them. A friend said this gig was a combo of their old and new material.

26. Pink Tiles, Ukeladies, The Breadmakers, Ron Peno & the Superstitions, Thornbury Bowls Club, 23/2/2014.
This was a fun gig for kids and their parents at The Thornbury Bowls Club. Ukeladies were fantastic as always, Breadmakers were brilliant at bringing the party vibes. Ron Peno and  The Superstitions set their own pace for this family friendly gig. More all ages gigs I say.

27.Moon Rituals, Jacky Winter, Pink Mussle, The Tote upstairs 28/2/2014

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