Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 2014 gigs

28. Six Foot Hick Old Bar, 9/3/2014
I've heard lots of things about this band, and they possess what I love about family bands: the closeness between family members allows those members to give a really honest and engaging performance, even it it seems staged. I guess it's like a circle of trust, that the audience are invited to witness.... sorry for my flu like delirium, having difficulty getting thoughts out. In short, this was a good gig.

29. Laughing Leaves, Lands, Old Bar 14/3/2014
The last time I saw Laughing Leaves they didn't sound as I felt they wanted to. This time about a year later they're hitting their target. They've got good songs, and warmed up as the gig went on. It's pop, it's sloppy in the good way, and I can't wait to see them again. My companions told me Lands reminded me of early Pink Floyd. I think they sound like Turin Brakes and there's quite a large crowd of young dudes digging the epic tunes.

30. Empat Lima, Intoxica,  LuWow 14/3/2014
It is not an overstatement to say that Empat Lima are at the top of their game. They sound amazing, they've got their act down and crowds absolutely loved it so much. OK so it was Friday night in a cocktail bar, but Melbourne crowds aren't normally moved so much. Empat Lima have got it! Intoxica have got it too with the likes of Lluis Fuzzhound on the drums Nicky Del Ray on lead guitar, and Tony Shaw as leader. Wild, crazy rock and roll sounds and lots of fun.

Steve Miller Band

31. Pink Tiles, Steve Miller Band, Harry Howard and the NDE 15/3/2014
It seems that Pink Tiles play a 15 song set in about 25 minutes, and remark during the gig that their Casio player is going on maternity leave. Tonight's gig was the world premier of the Steve Miller band with its new line up. Three stunning women: guitarist - keyboardist and drummer, and handsome Steve Miller on out of tune Squire Stratocaster. They play classic 70's and 80's songs with some obscure twists and cheese moments, but this is a band that's messy but great, off the wall and oh so much fun. Harry Howard and the Near Death Experience were launching their video clip this evening and they put in a restlessly excellent and professional pop set [especially when compared with the other acts]. In their band, their songs are like domestic debates. In short: kitchen sink dramas coloured by pop bliss.

32. Bored Nothing, Sebadoh, The Corner, 21/3/14
SeBADoh were fantastic. Yes they totally exceeded by expectations. Lou Barlow was sick-literally, they arrived yesterday, their gear arrived that day-2 hours before the show and they still powered through it to give a thoroughly excellent performance. I preferred their newer songs because they sounded totally bored playing songs from Bakesale. I loved it, it really-really loved it!

33. Jumpin' Jack Williams, Velcro, Pink Tiles, Smile, Grace Darling, 23/3/14
Jumpin' Jack William is a solo artist, who plays Maton acoustic or keyboard, is from the band Willow Darling and has a booming voice. Velcro played perfect indie pop, The Pink Tiles played with their new Casio player-apparently it was his first official gig and Smile were an excellent pop band with great harmonies and  and interesting moments.

34. Wooly Beef, Yah Yahs
Playing the second week of their mini residency, there seems to have half the members of the Jackals.

35.The Robes, Sporting Club 29/3/2014
The Robes AKA Sheek Stain and the Creep play their second or third gig at the front bar of the Sporting Club. All sounds good - they're doing Rock &Roll  & trash classics. The perfect support for The Scientists.

36. The Scientists(original line up), Howler, 29/3/2014
Snide remarks between band mates could not stop me from loving this gig.Though they weren't totally tight the performance was great, and by the end it included choreographed dance moves, playing in what felt like a full band room of Scientists fans.Rod Radalj sweated through his white outfit, which matched his guitar. Kim Salmon sweated through a wool suit, and shared James Bakers towel. James Baker sat on a beer keg the whole time.  And Boris celebrated his birthday, told us about his book that he's already written, whilst asking us to read it.

Sympathy for The Devil
Looking For You
Teenage Dreamer
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
Frantic Romantic
Last Night, Drop out
Slow Death,
that Girl
She Said She Loves Me
Walk the Plank
Shake Together Tonight
Baby You're Not For Sale

Chinese Rocks

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