Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2014 gigs

37. Angie, Constant Mongrel, Summer Flake, Terrible Truths, Public Bar, 5/4/2014
Angie the bassist from Straight Arrows ventures out with a Korg player, playing guitar with dark tinged songs, think Rowland S Howard, and it's a highly satisfying experience. Constant Mongrel have that late 70's early 80's driving punk sound that I like a whole lot. Summer Flake is a solo artist from Adelaide and she's got well crafted songs that she delivers with voice and guitar. Terrible Truths, give us an angular post punk gig, swapping instruments and dual vocals, and there's heaps of energy. This was a good night for music in Melbourne.

38. School Damage, Northcote Social Club 7/4/2014
School Damage play their first official gig at a venue and they are my new favourite band. Guitar, bass, drums and 80s synthy keys, good songs. At times ludicrious punk, other times, it's very, very poppy but it's all very enjoyable and definitely the kind of band that leave you wanting more. I bought the album the same day at

39. Empat Lima, The Old Bar, 11/4/2014
The place is packed for the EP launch and Empat Lima deserve it.

40. Shockwaves, Wrong Turn, The Tote 12/4/2014

41. Moon Rituals, Lower Plenty The Yarra 12/4/3014

42. Molluscs, Habits, The Old Bar 14/4/2014
Molluscs are a two piece all women act who feature vocal gymnastics, electric guitars and effects. Habits are missing a member but really awesome bedroom synth pop with some swoon inducing George Michael style vocals.

43. The Gooch Palms, Hunx and his Punx, Shannon and The Clams, Copacobana, 17/4/2014

44. Spencer P Jones, Cherry Bar, 18/4/2014
Kills it to an audience of 10

45. Bad Vision, Mesa Cosa, Old Bar, 18/4/2014

46. Woollen Kits, Slow Club@Tote, 18/4/2014

47. UV Race, Hunx and his Punx, Shannon and the Clams, The Curtin, 23/4/2014

48. Steve Earle, Forum,  24/4/2014

49. Grand Rapids, The Electric Guitars, The Tote, 25/4/2014

50. Tyrannamen, Deaf Wish, BJ Morriszonkle, Harmony, BJ Morriszonkle Howler 26/4/2014
On a night that showcased Melbourne's best acts Tyrannamen are cemented in my  mind as  my favourite Melbourne band. I love their songs, I love their parts, and their frontman is a really good singer. BJ Morriszonke is sheer genius. Deaf Wish shocked and awed the crowd and Harmony sounded the best I ever heard them.

51. Midnight Wolf, Motel Love, Old Bar, 27/4/2014
Andy Burnout dons a Cheap Trick T-shirt and white jeans, and already he's a crowd favourite. Cool songs, Motel Love are sounding good. Midnight Wolf are a scene favourite with their classic rock and roll songs done fast, with a Spanish twist and Australian rawness. They really do put a whole lotta energy into their performances.

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