Monday, May 5, 2014

May 2014 gigs

52. The Reprobettes, The Pink Tiles, Penny Black, 3/4/2014
The Reprobettes start their set with a scream, and from that point on I knew it would be a good party set of 60's styled party songs, and I wasn't proven wrong.

53. Steve Miller Band, EsCarGo-Gos, The Pink Tiles, The Old Bar, 5/5/2014
SMB nail their brief and they're a really exciting band. Escargogo's play popular songs, sung in French with heaps of gusto. The Pink Tiles played again.

54. Wet Blankets, The Tote, 10/5/2014
Without being too condascending, the Wet Blankets are a fairly nifty 4-5 piece (rotating guitar players) from your favourite Geelong bands and two teenagers, (also seemingly from the same area). Punchy punk tracks (in the good way) not more than 2:30 long, indecipherable lyrics, a few stops and starts but pretty likeable stuff. I wish I was doing that when I was 16.

55. The Rolling Blackouts, SMB, Naked Bodies, Old Bar, 11/5/2014
This was the first time I caught the Rolling Blackouts who play very catchy pop tunes with some sweet guitar stuff going on. I liked it. I'm a massive fan of SMB to the extent that I love them so much I cannot provide an objective or logical review in a sentence. I shan't and I won't.  Naked Bodies features one of the guys from Little Red and they were not a pop band. From memory it was a dark brooding experience with dramatic style and a fiddle.

56. Thee Nodes, UV Race, Gentlemen, The Tote, 16/5/2014
Gentlemen go hard or at least loud tonight.  Delivering roughly 25 minutes of material, Thee Nodes feature a lead singer wrapped in bandages, some interesting vocal effects and a lot of dude intensity. UV Race end up headlining and the crowd loves it.

57. The Rebelles, The Pink Tiles, Kink, 17/5/2014
The Rebelles are a highly entertaining outfit, singing mostly your favourite girl group songs some Ramones and a few originals. Definitely the coolest choir around. Pink Tiles played.

58. Little Bands The Tote, 18/5/2014
One of the most interesting gigs I've been to. Honouring a tradition where groups of musos form bands for the event, and play three songs - there was a mix of old and new, and genre mixing and it was great stuff.

59. Flour, Steve Miller Band, High Tea, The Old Bar, 18/5/2014
Flour have an impressive amount of long flowing hair trashing around for this tight dude rock outfit. SMB play with fierce intensity, and math rock outfit High Tea play what seems to be their last gig.

60. Lalic, The Pink Tiles, Whipped Cream Chargers, Grace Darling, 24/5/2014

61. The Broken Needles, Tender Bones, The Electric Guitars, Yah Yahs, 24/5/2015
Tender Bones are launching their 10" and they've got boy/girl vocals and have Sonic Youth moments, but they're from Townsville, and they're good. I can't wait to catch their next gig. The Broken Needles are also apparently from Townsville, but they do that darker,slower country-esque rock thing. And The Electric Guitars come of age with perhaps their best gig I've ever caught. They're astonishingly excellent and with the right set of conditions they may very likely exceed your expectations.

62. Smile, SMB, Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ, The Old Bar, 25/5/2014Smile bring the sunny pop with harmonies. SMB absolutely nail it again but this time even better than ever before and Richie 1250 and the BOC bring it home. What a great night!

63. Shockwaves, Wrong Turn, Tote, 31/5/2014

64. Dr. Doctor, Galaxy Folk, Ciggie Witch, 31/5/2014