Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 2014 Gigs

A first in the history of the Julian Wu Life Project: I've been slack to log the list, and now I've forgotten what I've been to.....

76.Jack on Fire, Howl At The Moon, Curtin 5/7/2014

77.Ruby Boots, Charles Jenkins, Mick Thomas, Acid Country OB, Yarra Hotel, 9/7/2014

78. Spencer P Jones Living Legend Tribute Show, ft  Adalita, Helen Cattanach, Spencer P Jones, Chris Russell, Dan Brodie, Geoff Corbett (SixFtHick, Bris), Tom Lyngcoln (Nation Blue/Harmony), Mick Harvey, Kim Salmon,  Brian Hooper, Julitha Ryan, Stevie Richards, Phil Gionfriddo, Sly Faulkner, Down Hills Home, Midnight Scavengers, Thunderbox, Cherrywood, Greta Mob (Syd), Pink Tiles, Sons of Lee Marvin, Space Junk, the Cheats, The Tote, 11/7/2014

79. Morning Ritual Copacobana 13/6/2014

80. SMB, Pink Tiles, Longplay 17/6/2014

81. Bad Vision, Ross de Chene Hurricanes, Shock Waves, Pink Tiles, Grace Basement 19/7/2014

82. Empat Lima, The Catfish, 27/7/2014

83. School Damage, Grace Basement, 27/7/2014

84. SMB, Johnny and The Johnnie Johnnies, The Tote, 27/7/2014

85. Shack of Bells, BJ Morriszonkle, Pink Tiles, The Retreat 31/7/2014