Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 2014 gigs

109. Pampers, Ausmuteants, Deafwish, Death By Audio, 2/10/2014
Death By Audio is closing down, so it's a great opportunity to check it out - it's still punk with that DIY feel, so it really suits the likes of Deaf wish and Ausmuteants who both tear it up and show everyone what the hype is all about.

110. The Electric Mess, Mikey and the Drags, The Connection, Don Pedro, Brooklyn  3/10/2014
The Electric Mess are a band with personality, and that sets them apart from so many. Mikey and The Drags travelled from Texas playing a solid garage set. Known as New Englands hitmakers, The Connection had a more glam approach which made them highly likeable.

111. Mosaicz, Girl Crazy, WASP, The Tote, 9/10/2014
Hailing from Geelong, Mosaicz did a set of shoegaze. They had some good sounds. Girl Crazy debut with an almost full set of original songs which are good songs. This band are sounding good. WASP were an interesting band. They had sounds over songs and some really great players. The singer was in some kind of pain, and by the end he was singing horizontally on the stage floor. He did an impromptu encore about how much he hated the singer of a seminal Sydney punk band. It was such a catchy number, he had the crowd singing along too.

112. Fair Maiden, Terrible Truths, The Curtin, 11/10/2014
Fair Maiden had some sweet 60's inspired pop, touch of lightness, but not lameness. Terrible Truths owned that angular post rock thing they do so well. This gig promised to be the best gig of the weekend and probably was except I had to leave early.

113. My Favourite Mick: A Benefit for Mick Blood, Bowers, Devil Rock 4, Fez Perez, Rocket Science The Tote 17/10/2014
A great 

114. Claws and Organs, Habits, at Rashfest, 18/10/2014
Claws and Organs are in my mind a grunge band taking me right back to the 1990's. Habits are such a great pop, electro, bedroom band with expressive voices totally dedicated to the melody, a cool presence, all the right moves.
The sun sets on Rashfest

115. Vowel Movement, Ern Malley, 20/10/2014
Vowel Movement master scrappy pop with a really good singer. Ern Malley are my one to watch of 2015. They've got really good songs, they can play, the singer has an awesome voice, and they've got a crowd who dance wildly to them. This was one of those gigs where you're watching something that's gonna be spectacular. I hope it goes that way.

116, Old Mate, Orlando Furious, The Tote 18/10/2014