Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014 gigs

117. SMB, Empat Lima, Minnesota Voodoo Men, Yarra Hotel, 3/11/2014

118. The Newsletters, Tam Vantage, 5/11/2014 The Gaso

119. Slow Fires, Tam Vantage, The Old Bar 10/11/2014

120. Girl Crazy, Loose Tooth, The Pink Tiles, Libery Social, 12/11/2014

121. Fraudband, Right! The Electric Guitars, The Tote, 13/11/2014

122. Chugga and The Fuckheads, Wet Blankets, The Tote 15/11/2014

123. Kinder, Tam Vantage, The Pinnacle, 20/11/2014
Indie pop band Kinder have some really good moments.
Tam Vantage  are one of my favourite bands going round. Great songs, curious hooks, interesting twisted lyrics, tight and they sound good.

124. The Ocean Party, Terrible Truths, The Tote 21/11/2014
If Classic Australian indie pop is the brief, The Ocean Party nail it. Terrible Truths are interesting with their angular tunes.

Motel Love
The Kave Inn

125. The Kave Inn, Motel Love, The Pink Tiles, Workers Club, 23/11/2014
Motel Love have some really thumpin' power pop gems. The Kave Inn are fantastic as usual too, and dealt with a heckler in a punishing way. Note to self: never heckle the Kave Inn and think you'll win. Pink Tiles also played.

126. Secret Valley, Bar Open, 27/11/2014
Best defined as scrap pop, guitar, trombone, drums, keys, and girl/boy vocals. There was a strong Bachelor of Arts people circa 1990's vibe. Though some I was with were thoroughly confused by the sound, we all agreed it's art, they're pushing pop boundaries, they've got outsider cred - the real version of it,

127. Brat Farrar, The Perfections, Off The Hip, 28/11/2014

128.  Bonnie Dooms, Shit Sex, Public Bar, 28/11/2014

129. Bloods, Curtin, 29/11/2014

130. Chook Race, School Damage, Stink Lines, The Pink Tiles, Workers Club, 30/11/2014
Stink Lines

School Damage

Chook Race