Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 2014 gigs

131. SMB, Polyester,  5/12/2014
SMB return in fine form with a blistering, hot sweaty set!

132. Wet Lips, The Tote,  5/12/2014
Wet Lips return after a 6 month break, and it's a triumphant return

133. Rebrobettes, Bratt Farrar, Loose Pills Off the Hip Xmas Party The Tote,  5/12/2014

134. Totally Mild, Palm Springs, The Tote,  7/12/2014

135. Constant Mongrel, UV Race, Straightjacket Nation, The Tote,  7/12/2014

136. Les Minijupes, The Blubottles, The Pink Tiles, The Spotted Mallard, 13/12/2014

137. Ty Segall, The Corner Hotel 15/12/2014

138.Mesa Cosa, The Tote, 18/12/2014
Energetic, hilarious, unique bordering on the ridiculous. I love these guys.

139. Tam Vantage, The Evelyn, 18/12/2014
One of my fave's I really couldn't miss it. It was a shame they were only playing to a small crowd of people.

140. Orb, The Laundry, 18/12/2014
Described to my by my companion as the sound of the first two Black Sabbath records and done really well.

141. Laughing Leaves, Loose Tooth, Pink Tiles, The Yarra, 20/12/2014
Laughing Leaves play their last ever Melbourne show, splitting up to go their separate ways and what a top set. Loose Tooth kill it as always. Pink Tiles also play on what appears to be a tiny stage.

142. Robyn Hitchcock, Emma Swift and The Abbotsford Three, The Yarra 27/12/2014
Performed in two sets: the first was singer songwriter duet. The second was perfect power pop with plenty of witty banter in between.

143. Girl Crazy, Department, Red Spencer, Bone Soup car park fiesta, 31/12/2014
Best Girl Crazy gig I've seen- the perfect setting for them. First time I'd seen Department and they were alright. Red Spencer was like listening to power pop in the 1990's.

and so concludes my gig going experience for 2014. This is a picture of Girl Crazy in a car park