Monday, January 5, 2015

January 2014 Gigs

The scene of Cool Sounds at The Tote, January 4 2014

1. Lucas Heenan, Ciggie Witch, Cool Sounds Sunday arvo residency, The Tote, 4/1/2015
Lucas Heenan may seem to have an impenetrable outer shell, but as a performer, he has an ability to pierce through any kind of pretense, and gives a direct,  honest and interesting performance and I must admit, I think he's great. His songs are great. His musicianship is too and by golly he's worth putting on your 2015 watch list. No matter where you stand, you must admit Lucas Heenan is the real deal. Ciggie Witch and Cool Sounds are both cool indie pop bands, where the sounds float, the head bops. It's pure pop. It's just a bummer you couldn't hear the melodies through the PA.

2. Sugar Ghouls, The Old Bar, 4/1/2015

Sugar Ghouls is a tight 3 piece consisting of members of The Laughing Leaves minus one. Was it rock? Was it pop?  Answer: both,  highly likeable and the guys performed as if they were playing for their lives (as opposed to playing in front of 7 people- which they were). Kudos to that I say.

3. Stu Thomas Paradox, Malcolm Ross, Moodists, Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment,  10/1/2015

Stu Thomas Paradox offers highly likeable grooves and smoothness in a sleazy yet not a horrible way. Malcolm Ross played sweet sweet pop and a surprise mini-set played by The Moodists included the songs: Frankies Negative, Chad's Car, Double Life and Runaway.

4.Wet Lips, Girl Crazy, Gonzo, The Tote, 14/1/2014
Geelong's Gonzo play their second gig and impress the Melbourne crowd.


Is it just me or do Girl Crazy seem to be getting better every time I see them?
Girl Crazy

Wet Lips

Wet Lips play a shambolic set but still manage to triumph. They are punks with smarts, and good  songs and arrangements and this is one residency worth catching. I can't wait 'til their EP comes out.

5. Coathangers, ScotDrakula, Pink Tiles, Pow Pow Kids, The Tote, 16/1/2015

Pow Pow Kids with fill in bass player

ScotDrakula with a new line up


6. Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott, The Old Bar, 21/1/2015

7. The Clean, The Corner, 22/1/2015

8. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Kim and Leanne, The Spoils, Testing Grounds, 23/1/2015

9. Girl Crazy, Mesa Cosa,  Scotdrakula, The Coathangers,  The Public Bar, 26/1/2015

10.Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Harry Howard and the NDE, Pink Tiles, Northcote Social Club, 30/1/2015

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