Friday, February 13, 2015

February 2015 Gigs

11. Kim and Leanne, Pink Tiles, Les Minijupes, 6/2/2015

12. Lower Plenty,  Calamari Girls, The Tote, 8/2/2015
I love seeing bands that seem new, and The Calamari Girls seem just that. The tell tale signs: those sideways glances at band members to double check if they've played the right note. The false starts, those moments in a song where they're all looking at each other to see who knows when the song ends.  Yes  I love it. Now they're a pop band, with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and  not a full drumkit. Guess it's supposed to be quiet indie pop but it was loud in the front bar. I look forward to seeing them play together again. As for Lower Plenty - I forgot that they are just one hellova good band. Good songs, good performances, good arrangements. You just can't deny it!

13. Girl Fridas, The Tote 12/2/2015
Girl Fridas are the opposite of tight. For this 3 piece, sound a little like The Shaggs, but more melodic.  Inspired by Riot Girl and other cool women performers, I liked their songs, I like their style and I bought their badge. Can't wait to see them again.

14. Lower Plenty, Galaxy Folk, 15/2/2015

15. The Estranged, Harry Howard and Edwina, Motel Love, Grace Darling, 15/2/2015

16. Midnight Wolf, Kave Inn, LuWow 20/2/2015

17. Hierophants, Indie Stage, White Night, 21/2/2015

18. Chook Race, Wet Blankets, Silver Moon, Pink Tiles, Tote, 28/2/2015

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