Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 2015 Gigs

51. Singing Pretty- The Songs of Died Pretty by Ron S Peno and Hired Guns, Pink Tiles, The Hired Guns The Corner Hotel 5/7/2015

52. Xmas In July by SMB feat Summer Flake, the Steve Miller Band, The Shabbab, Cable Ties The Tote 5/7/2015

53. Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington, The Standard, 9/7/2015

54. Hits, The Television Addicts, Sheek Stain and The Creep, Lazertits, The Tote (upstairs and downstairs)17/7/2015

55. The Electric Guitars, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, Hits, The Dubrovniks, Rocket Science, The Scientists, Corner Hotel, 18/8/2015

56. Totally Mild, Deaf Wish, Sugar Fed Leopards, The Copacobana, 19/7/2015

57. King Khan and BBQ show, The Living Eyes, The Pink Tiles, The Corner Hotel, 24/7/2015

June 2015 Gigs

44. 10 Years of Stone Love Empat Lima, Archer, Simoncee Page Jones Bj Morriszonkle, Miles and Simone, Lovers of the Black Bird, Chook Race, Amanda Roff Singers, Elvis Princely Taka Honda,  Sugar Fed Leopards 5/6/2015

45. TV, Loose Tooth, The Yarra, 7/7/2015

46. Pink Tiles EP launch, Habits, Loose Tooth, Bonnie Doom 13/6/2015

47. Beef Jerk Northcote Social Club 15/6/2015

48. Mighty Boys, Bad Vision, Girl Crazy The Tote 20/6/2015

49.  Girl Crazy The Girl Fridas Cathouse Canary The Old Bar 24/6/2015

50. Mesa Cosa, Dumb Punts, The Gaso, 28/6/2015