Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 2015 Gigs

51. Singing Pretty- The Songs of Died Pretty by Ron S Peno and Hired Guns, Pink Tiles, The Hired Guns The Corner Hotel 5/7/2015

52. Xmas In July by SMB feat Summer Flake, the Steve Miller Band, The Shabbab, Cable Ties The Tote 5/7/2015

53. Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington, The Standard, 9/7/2015

54. Hits, The Television Addicts, Sheek Stain and The Creep, Lazertits, The Tote (upstairs and downstairs)17/7/2015

55. The Electric Guitars, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, Hits, The Dubrovniks, Rocket Science, The Scientists, Corner Hotel, 18/8/2015

56. Totally Mild, Deaf Wish, Sugar Fed Leopards, The Copacobana, 19/7/2015

57. King Khan and BBQ show, The Living Eyes, The Pink Tiles, The Corner Hotel, 24/7/2015

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