Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 gigs

57. Chelsea Bleach, Military Position, The Tote, 1/8/2015

58. Empat Lima, Mangelwurzel, School Damage, Girl Crazy, The Pink Tiles, Shadow Electric, 4/8/2015

59. Totally Mild, Fitzroy Town Hall 6/8/2015

60. Wet Lips, The Braves, Girl Fridas, Gonzo, Shrimpwitch, The Tote, 7/8/2015

61. Marc Ribot, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Playhouse Theatre 8/8/2015

62. 100 Acre Woods, Ghost Dick, The Pink Tiles, The Old Bar, 9/8/2015

And I saw a bunch of other gigs that I failed to log and cannot remember the list now.....

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