Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 2015 gigs

Listen compilation launch with Soft Rubbish, Philippa Omega & Creeks Band, The Old Bar, 3rd October 2015

Cable Ties, Good Morning & The Memories (from LA) Brunswick car park, 4th October, 2015

Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, The Pink Tiles, Max Watts, 9th October 2015

Mammoth Mammoth, Barbarion, 10th October 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 2015 gigs

LazerTits, Swim Team, Girl Crazy, PT's, Bar Open 4th September, 2015

Battle of the Bands with PT's, Colac COPACC 5th September 2015

Slick, Seasides, PT's, Eli's Mile High, San Francisco, 11th September, 2015.

Damn! Mister Tang, Turn! Turn! Turn, Portland, 13th September 2015.

Skip Church, Daylight Robbery, PT's The Burlington Bar,  Chicago, 15th September 2015.

Quitty and the Donts, The Electric Mess, PT's,  The Gutter, Brooklyn NY, 18th September 2015.

Islands and Tigers, PT's, Limelight, San Antonio, 21st September 2015.

The Wolf, Hundred Visions, Matt Hollywood, Hotel Vegas, Austin Motel, 22nd September 2015.

Sheiks, Pink Tiles, Aquarian Blood, Gary Wrong Group, Pampers, Jack Oblivian with The Sheiks, Gonerfest, Hi-Tone,  Thursday 24th September 2015.

Nowhere Squares, Kit Convict & The Terrible Two, Pookie and the Poodles,  Manhunt, The Buccaneer car park, Friday 25th September 2015.

Musk, Cuntz, Nots, Timmy's Organism, Ty Rex, Sonny Vincent, Hi Tone, Friday 25th September 2015.

Salad Boys, Lord High Panther, Wet Ones, Shadow In The Cracks, Obnox, Ultimate Painting, Make Overs, Giorgio Murderer, Sweet Knives, Murphy's, Saturday 26th September 2015.

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Nobunny, Blind Shake, Quintron, Saturday 26th September 2015.

King Louie's Katrina Memories, Gazebo at Cooper and Young Sunday 27th September 2015