Monday, January 25, 2016

January 2016 Gigs

1. Wet Lips, Babe Rainbow, Wavves, Max Watts 3/1/2016

2. The Electric Guitars Bar Open 10/1/2016

3. Cable Ties, Orb, Little Desert, The Tote 10/1/2016

4. Waterfall Person band, The Gasometer, 10/1/2016

5. Ali E, Harry Howard and NDE, The Public Bar 10/1/2016

6.  RIGHT THERE ON MY TV - A Tribute to Paul Drane; Graveyard Train, Peep Tempel, Digger and the Pussycats, All Star Supergroup The Tote 16/1/2016

7. WETFEST Wet Lips, Terrible Truths, Sugar Fed Leopards, Little Desert, Loose Tooth,Girl Crazy, Palm Springs, Lazertits, Plaster of Paris, Karli White, Pink Tiles, The Tote 23/1/2016

8.Shitfest Bits of Shit, The Vacant Lot, The Living Eyes, Red Red Krovy, Chook Race, Leather Lickers, The Kremlings, Stations, 26/1/2016



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