Monday, March 21, 2016

February 2016 Gigs

8.Taipan Tiger Girls, friendships, Mollusc, PBS 1/2/2016
9. The Drones, Deaf Wish, Deep Heat PBS 2/2/2016
10. Terrible Truths, Sui Zhen, Jess Ribeiro PBS 3/2/2016
11. Batpiss, Wet Lips, Grotto PBS 4/2/2016
12. Little Desert, Waterfall Person, Drug Swea PBS 5/2/2016

 13. Shit Narnia, Petticoat Junkyard, Pink Tiles, Oddfellows,  12/2/2106

14. The Shakeys, Bikini Cops, Zerodent Babushka Leederville 12/2/16

15. Tex Napalm, Harry Howard Duo, La Bastard, James McCann and the New Vindictives, Van Walker and the Heart Brokers, Beast feast night 1 the tote 19/2/2016

16. Rocket science, Evelyn rooftop 20/2/16

17. Gillian Welch, David Rawlings Machine, Dream a highway Festival Hall 20/2/16
The Living eyes, Orb, Swim Team, the tote 27/2/16

18. Spotting, The Curtin 28/2/16

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